billdifferen's 100 best jersey club songs of 2023 pt 2 (50-1)

You ever hear a remix to an already good song and the producer alters it in a way you would never fathomed and it just gets you to make this face?

That is exactly what 2napps does here with this Janet classic. Good lord.

Another appearance from Tang here and this time he takes Brent Faiyaz and energizes him to the point where it could get the club moving like they're a buncha hamsters running on wheels. Tang establishing that double-time nature from the start and transitioning it into something super bubbly and bouncy feels so effortless but it transforms a song that is originally something more lowkey and slower-paced. Also I can say easily that Brent is one of the best artists to remix in Jersey Club - Feels like a cheat code sometime.
For as long as this damn thing is, I'm sure you could drive through PoundTown about 15 times, but this Sexy Redd megalab showcases how much of a sensory overload this genre can be. Invite about 700 producers and sandwich all of their insane ideas in a certain timeframe, and you can bonkers shit like this. Notable parts here is Gangwalkk throwing in XO Tour Life for some random reason and DayDay ending it off with his signature "I never want people to hear ever again" shtick - Just stupid and absolutely worth its 9 minute runtime.
Ok remember that 2napps Janet remix a few spots ago where I was just like "Oh man it's that shit that make you got you making the stank face?" Ok well pretend that was a page from a Mad Libs book and I just erase 2napps and Janet's names and replace them with qua and Sade. Cool? Cool. No but for real, he takes a lowkey classic song and just bafflingly makes it multitudes better. qua's just grooving while you're currently sitting at your chair like

Get two of the best producers in the scene, Miami's Lilsnatched and Newark's Vivid The Producer, give them some Rihanna, and what you're going to get is the embodiment of this gif:

Like I'm not even try to joke here,  the bounce on this shit is absolutely that INSANE - It just jolts your entire body and you seriously can't find a way for it to stop. Just so good.

Haha B Goodie, you can't just delete your shit and expect us to be hit by the Men in Black pen and forget about it? Shout out Archive accounts one time. Here, one of Jersey's best takes that one Rick Ross song and turns into the shit that had Ronnie moving in the club like

Or like something that should be fit for those weird ass anime edits with enough lighting effects to cause a hazard to anyone

I mean come on, it's literally in the title - This isn't false advertising here, as Jersey's deskrat magically transforms the Ashanti classic in such a way where I can barely go back to the original. It's so bouncy, dancey, and I can't stop moving to it even as I write this. A must-listen. deskrat is a fairly newer producer, as they had previous niche internet music ventures, however they really shaped themselves up to be one of Jersey Club's best rising producers.

Alright Mr Purr, there is no way in hell I am calling this song this shit:

And imma ignore some of the samples being used here - the Bop It ones go crazy, but damn dude, when you got that bass loud enough, you're just there looking like

In a music culture where sampling is as routine as brushing your teeth, there's no one's chompers who shine brighter than Jersey City's JayTheMixer201. One of the hardest working producers in Jersey has such a keen sense of sampling - It never fails to blow my mind and he's seriously a tier above practically everybody else making club music. Here, Bell Biv DeVoe sound like they're being sucked into a wormhole and ran over by Static Shock - Jay just comes in with so much force and speed to the point where you'll have to put some WD-40 on your joints to make sure you're good. The constant ringing of "THAT GIRL IS" while Jay is just hammering your head with ridiculous chops will have you experiencing vertigo by the end. Highly recommend Jay's two albums from earlier in the summer - IT HAS BEGUN and IT HAS CONTINUED - Constantly showing why he's one of the best in the game.

Here we got an early-in-the-year Tiktok hit showcasing 2 of club music's best newcomers. Darillis is a Rochester, NY native who has been putting his city on his back, while prodbyabnormal is much more of a mysteriously enigmatic internet figure, yet both have garnered respectable fan bases due to multiple hits through the Tok. Here, they flip this uwu-ass, flower crown tumblr songinto an uplifting angel food cake of a club tune, where that constant thumping of bass paired with the airy "Oooooo Oooo Ahhhhhh Ahhhhs" can send anyone floating to their nearest grocery store aisle so that they can publicly record themselves dancing to it in front of Nana Andrews from down the street. Super simple, but it just works so damn well.

I'm starting to think rrodney finds these 808s in some underground lab in the middle of the Atlantic because what in the hell are some of these kicks - The bounce in his music is like some MK Ultra shit; I'll never understand how he conjures it up, but just one song of his alone could destroy 17 Nissan Altimas. 50 Cent sounds like he's falling down a pachinko machine, bouncing erratically in every direction possible while you have these crazy synths, accordions, and other string thingies rain down upon you. So futuristic sounding as well. 
Another wolfrum x gangwalkk link-up and here they have another tranquil lullaby of a club tune that has you doing anything but sleep. Like this is the shit wolf people probably be listening to while they running in the dark-ass forest at 50 mph - Starting to understand wolfrum more and more I listen to him. No but for real, this is incredible - So twinkly and perfect for a nighttime ride; Gangwalkk really holds it up with one of club's best, as their part is just as feral and slick as wolfie's. Just so incredibly unique and singular.
This tune was a specific highlight of my 2023 where I started to sense that shit was really starting to get fucked in Jersey Club. That realization came to be thanks to STXRS, a newer producer crew that really boasts some of the scene's newest and unhinged talents, and man, this shit just about smacked me so hard, I almost woke up back in the Byzantine empire. This is like some true final chop boss music, while you have these five producers tear you limb from limb, coming up with some of the most alien concepts and ideas that not even someone with a 5G-resistance armband could decipher. 

Fne starts off with a 753 hit combo, uppercutting you to Jupiter, and then passes you to ug who does about the same thing, but shit starts getting weird when ChadTp comes in, throwing in a melody that has nothing to do with the past few minutes and brings it into this weird void that DJ SN3S only amplifies with this super Paulstretched and reversed interpretations of everything else that you had heard before. However, they never joke when they mean "save the best for last," because all the bullshit you endure in this song culminates with a part from Toronto producer Murder Club that could only be explain by some evil dark magic because holy shit. I don't know if this person just goes on FL Studio in their straightjacket and they just go to town, but this was one of the few parts this year where I have to take off my invisible glasses in disbelief - The whole tone shifts immediately and the tunes just finally explodes into this undead god ready to destroy the entire planet. Just fucking incredible.
Mcvertt bangers that aren't rap songs are hard to come by these days - Hey man, let homie get his bag; he deserves it, but man I would be lying if I said I didn't miss that era where he was just churning out some of the best club tunes ever made. This collab with fellow Project X member kaoticcc will get you to preach the Jersey gospel to every person you know, as this is some fast-paced, running like you Lil Naitch club music. Vertt's part is so simple, but that simplicity is what makes him stand out as one of the best to ever do it, as his style really hasn't been replicated by anyone. Real gospel music.
Another Fun Jersey Club Fact: While Newark's DJ KilSoSouth has been a great producer over the years to the scene, his best claim to fame is being the guy in those gingerbread man dance videos at the Walgreens, and no matter how many times I try not to think about I can't seem to not seem that dumbass gingerbread dance to any of his songs lmao.
Ever needed 4k 60fps remasters of older club songs? Anything is possible here as Steezo has given new life to easily one of his greatest ever tracks. "Here We Go" might seriously be the first song I heard from this kid back in 2019, and still to this day, it's one of my all time favorites. Weird to say about something from 4 years ago, but it sounds super of-its-time and with the way Jersey Club has advanced since then, this facelift shows how far and beyond these producers have gone. I won't do much describing of this one, because I want you to listen to the original first and then the 2023 version, just so you can sense yourself how drastically club music has changed over time. Another reason why Steez is one of the greatest ever to do it.
Another great moment from one of 2023's best producers, but seriously I can't think of anything to say because this comment won't stop making me laugh lmao


Jersey's Itstahtahplayinn is a true "heads know" producer - They really are never talked about when it comes to notable producers, but man, it's kinda almost a travesty because this man has hits. "These Chicks" sounds like this alarm going off on a spaceship with all the lights turning red and shit while this forcefield of bass is rumbling under you, and you just know shit's fucked, but you too worried about shaking it. Bassy, overbearing, but so damn good.

Just another tune that has you moving like Ronnie - So groovy and funky

Man, this one just sounds like summer - Driving with all the windows down. That sweet cool breeze just washing over you - It's something you really can't get enough of. Jersey Club legend and TTN founder JDUB might have the title of "Best Ever Brent Remix" (Dude, there's so many in this damn genre lmao) as this Jackie Brown remix makes me feel I can take on the entire planet. That groove being spearheaded by the effigies of "DONKs" surrounding you gets anyone to move like the embarrassing cousin who loves to dance at family functions. For once, a song on this list that feels like it's not trying to maim you alive. It's carefree and just damn good fun. Take y'all breather with this one, because you know damn well there's more hell to come.

When these three decided to randomly drop a collab tape back in June, I then started to finally believe in divine intervention. Jersey Club has seen its most batshit insane and innovative moments thanks to these Jersey natives over the past couple of years, as SteezHaZe, and qua are some of the most important flag bearers in that left-field side of the scene. I like to look at them like Rothko paintings, because when the average normal motherfucker is going to listen to this, they're probably going to think that it's some ironic fake deep bullshit and scoff at it, but the real ones reading this know that this is some next level mammoth art at hand. With this certain cut off the tape, it feels like you're having a panic attack drowning in this muddled mess of sound. The DBZ samples are hardly comprehensible, you have to seriously give it a few listens to figure out whenever the hell the producers come in, and it just sounds so hellish. I've been cackling my head off for years about how these folks are unlike any other electronic producer in the world right now, and still to this day, they're proving me right.

In the current scene of club music on SoundCloud, I feel like Hydro is really putting Philly on his back (Big shouts out to DJ CrazyLoog, and Shawny tho), as this kid is taking that signature breakneck style that comes from the city and keeping that feeling alive. This one is super simple - Just take a soul sample, loop it at 200+bpm, throw some Philly goodness on it, and voilá! Shame that the Eagles let Baker Mayfield win a playoff game because they coulda came out to this during the Super Bowl...smh. But seriously, this gets tanging like you trying to get the Wright Brothers airplane started, just flapping your shit everywhere. Got me moving like Brill lmao

This was the type of stuff Oppenheimer was scared about when he was making all those bombs and shit (Didn't watch the movie), because I think I just about blew up my whole town with one. I've said again and again that rrodney is already one of the best to ever do it in Jersey Club - One of the leaders of this new generation and probably the winner of the "Good Fucking God That's A Lotta Bass" award because The Black Eyed Peas have never sounded this good ever in their lives with bass that fat. This song is like those stuntmen who light themselves on fire and just walk for miles on end. It's adrenaline-inducing, can turn any party into a battle royale, and is a serious safety hazard anywhere you play it. An absolute scorcher and one of the best of the year.
Ever wanted to know what it feels like to be bombarded by a fleet of screaming Birdmen like it's fucking World War 2? JayTheMixer and LETSGOYANII scratches that really weird itch for you with "BIRD CALL," something that shouldn't work this well. They take the classic Baby/Clipse song and turns that iconic beat into something that I can only describe as a heated debate between two morse code machines - The beeping and booping of that coupled with Birdman squawking out like he's a man possessed gets you puttin' respect on both of these producers names. Yanii turns the song upside its head with throwing in this Flicky-ass beat with enough bird coo'ing that could occupy an entire zoo - They end it with "WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT BOY," and that shit had me cutting flips the second I heard Pusha's voice. There's no genre that's just so abundant in awesome moments like Jersey Club man, I swear. 
A fatal four way of just the grimiest, most nastiest, fonkiest shit that is giving me just the stank face. "Rock My Hips" is like being dropped into a sewer level in a video game - There's this radioactive ooze dripping everywhere and these producers are the mutant creatures hopping out of pipes to beat the shit out of you. The deeply bellowing piano tones just reverberate throughout your body, the malfunctioning lady robot going "ROCK MY HIPS" sends me into hysterics, and just the way this RIDES throughout the 5 minute runtime makes this one of my favorite group tracks of the year. GavinTheProducer's part at the end needs to not go unnoticed, as that shit could make me take on a whole army myself afterwards just rocking my hips until kingdom come. 

18. Loog x PgsSpence - Jump Out The V 

I was thinking really hard whether or not this qualified on the list due to Philly Goat Spence saying a whole buncha bullshit and having emphysema in front of our very eyes, but this shit really belongs on here because it's one of my favorite things from club music this year. Get that ridiculous "Crack Rock" sample in there for starters and that's already enough to write home about, but it's the way Loog takes Spence's vocals and almost alters and chops them in some alternate-universe Mcvertt-like staccato style, and it just gets that shit bumping. Perfect practice music for your Philly Goats tryouts - Shit you can prolly bring back 2Humpy at this rate (too soon).

You ever listened to a song that beats the everloving bajeebus out of you to the point where you are apologizing to the song yourself for trying them? This is that exact time. Lyve man, I really don't know what he strives to do with his music but I don't think destroying the entire planet was his intent. Like this song starts so unassuming, with the somber song (I can't think of the sample and I guess I don't want the sample snitch police to get my ass so...) and accompanying pianos just moping along, but it's the quick and random sampling of Lyve here that elevates this as one of the best of the year. From the Bustas, to the Elephant Mans, to the "PLEASE ENJOY YOUR" Alessia Cara ass song, to Cartman going "WHAT DID I TELL YOU KYAALLL," like dude what the fuck is even going on here??? And it's just the way that it doesn't feel like it's this out-of-place occurrence in the song - Lyve crafts this in such a way that it invokes goosebumps on a skinless goose. Just so much finesse and cleverness, and by the end of it, you'll need a smoke break.
Steezo and $icko got together here to recreate the music that was playing in the elevator when Solange was beating the shit outta Jay Z - There's nothing serene about this as you have two of the best choppers in the business try to one-up each other with $icko's stuttery assault and Steez's ingenious jack-of-all-tricks nature. Like this elevator is going to be falling off the fucking cables any second now - I'd have to give the hand to Steez's part in the last half, as he's just pulling random-ass samples from nowhere; Like one second, that established groove is there but you sense something's wrong and turn's out "Jesus Walks" or some other random sample showed up for a quick second. It throws you off, but you're too busy bobbing and weaving like prime Tyson to avoid the madness. Just such a good duo linkup here.
I mean you know what you're getting yourself into from the title alone, but what FASA and LilSnatched do on this Tiktok hit is stuff of legend. FASA does this crazy drumline chop shit towards the end of his part, but the real highlight is Ms. Snatched and her "TOASTER STRUDLE" sample - WHAT THE FUCK LMAO. Probably one of my favorite parts this year from anyone and just a barnburner for you to uppercut all the folks around you.

You know that jazz era in like the 70s (idk specifics sorry lmao) when everybody was transitioning to more electronic-based stuff and shit was just weird. This is like the Jersey Club equivalent of that to me - 2napps does his signature "fuck an intro we getting straight to this shit" start that just already sucks you in like a wormhole; Then you have this psychedelic whining of jazz horns engulf you like a smoke, all while the relentless chops are still smacking you. Then maajins comes in bringing some weird noises from his arsenal and all of it is just so stupidly surreal. Real Squidward Sitting In Nothingness With Big Ass Typography Around Him Music.
More remastered club music from Steezo here that really shows how far this genre has come in the past three years, and this time, he brought along his protege qua to wreak havoc as well. Like they are throwing you straight into a plane engine here - I can throw in every synonym for abrasive and evil here and say that it cursed my bloodline and food supply and all of that still wouldn't do it justice so here's this photo instead:

Now this..... THIS MAN I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHERE TO START WITH THIS SHIT. Like this was the tune from 2023 that really broke me - It just showed me for a genre that always felt like it had bounded perimeters, I was just a dumb bitch about that because these two show that there's no limit to this shit. The tension and drama in the buildup, using the great boomer shooter ULTRAKILL as source material couldn't even prepare you for the chaos that entails as Fne starts off with this undead army of bass and chops, but Burto dude... Shit like this is why I think he's the best Jersey Club producer around because this dude is throwing in stock dubstep drops, chops that sound like the Little Drummer Boy is causing a public disturbance, and distortion that could even get Merzbow to gulp one time. It's all so fucking wacky and shouldn't work but these dudes continue to prove me wrong every single time.
jay. is a relatively unknown producer to the normal club enjoyer, but this kid is in the same circles as Burto, so you know he's about some nutty shit as well. Case in point, this Transformers remix is one of the most insane things I heard in club music throughout all of 2023. Like on paper, it's pretty simple - Get Optimus Prime (Shout out my boy Powell one time) to throw a Linkup Tuesday dance battle on Cybotron and this is what you get. It's just so fucking bassy and aggressive, while it grinds through that robotic voice, however the part that really cements this tune for me is the insane speed-up that it does towards the end; It's so steady and next thing you know, you're being flung at 1000 mph. Mind-boggling.
PROJECT PROJECT X X X X X X  (Just pretend it's echoing okay?). Millions have now heard that legendary tag thanks to MCVERTT's rise to producer stardom, however, it's always nicer to hear it accompany a ridiculous remix of a pop song again. These two are easily Project X's most important members as both hitmakers have etched really important milestones in this scene's history. Give them one of the worst songs ever made and you can bet your house and mama that it's gonna result in some gold. From the start, it's like you're being blasted off into deep space - There's just so much energy from these two. rrodney is so hard hitting and that signature finesse coming from Vertt never ever gets old. Shows that even with a pile of shit, Jersey Club can make anything incredible.

This song is like the perfect exhibition as to why wolfrum's one of the best in the biz. There's seriously no one else taking this genre and throwing these lush, ambient soundscapes to this insane degree. It's just so unlike anything else in Jersey Club and with the way that this swells in and out at the beginning, I don't think there's anything like this PERIOD, other the shit coming from this virtuoso. Sure, kids will look at this and go "Damnnn this the Backrooms bruhhh rizz gyatt," but dude, we're really seeing a whole new subgenre be cultivated by one random kid in Georgia (for prolly like the 800th time - Thanks Atlanta). Just close your eyes and let this brilliance wash over you.
Quite possibly one of the most insane producers in the world and I will forever stand by that - I don't think there has been a moment from Burto this year where I've been like "Ah, he's finally chilling out." This dude is seriously at 150% every single damn second of the day, whether he's uploading insanity on SC or constantly live streaming his ridiculous producing process on IG Live. That work ethic has really made him into one of Jersey Club's most unsung and underrated heroes. In a scene that has been watered down to oblivion, Burto has seriously created his own style, breaking off the influences of greats like Steez, and single-handledly influenced a sect of producers as well with this insane ideology. This Jurassic Park track showcases that manifesto, as this is nothing like anything else you have heard in the genre - Dubstep wobbles, 808 bass lines like they're being played by Charles Mingus, spaceship noises. None of these things should even be close to Jersey Club but Burto just makes it as natural as possible. Just press play and see for yourself.

Jersey Club would nowhere be near the heights that it's at today if it wasn't for flagbearers like Newark's DJ Sliink. Especially in my experience throughout the years, his name was one of the first ones I ever saw being thrown around when I first ever heard of Jersey Club. Even today, Sliink is still at the top of their game and this perfectly-timed NFL Horns remix shows exactly that. This shit could get even your grandma to sack an NFL quarterback - It just emits so much energy, all while you have some of the most wimpy sounding horns I've ever heard in my life. I think if anyone else used these, I'd be laughing my ass off, but Sliink uses that bullshit to perfection. Also the way that this turns my car into a massage chair with how booming that bass is. If only football was as cool as this song....

Oh Vivski, you never let me down. Newark's Vivid The Producer dropped her highly anticipated album Retrograde back in June and proved once again that she is one of the best producers period in this whole scene. Everything she makes has such a pristine and professional feel to them, as if this is her 7th record with Warp or some other big time electronic label - She's just so damn good. Probably the best cut off of the album is "A Bird's Last Look," a remix of a Vada Vada earworm that just demolishes the original altogether. That plucky guitar loop which feels more akin to a vaporwave track than a Jersey Club tune is such a nice change of pace, but it's the way Vivid constructs these ridiculously hard-hitting breaks of bassy hell and slowly adds back that loop that makes this song turn me into a crazy person. Seriously one of the best in the game THAT ALL OF YOU ARE SLEEPING ON.

There's no trio track that has blew me away more this year than "Bucking Mad," something that is just ferocious and can awaken the dead to tang for their lives. Whatever that melody is, it sounds like ghastly apparitions sending chills down your spine, however you can't really worry about that because all three producers are digging you a grave and smacking you in the head with a shovel. Crime Mob is having a nervous breakdown on top of everything else, so this is just stupidly overwhelming. It's just so fast and frenetic, you can barely keep it together, so this shit has you flailing for your life. That break of silence in OmgAddy's part and those "A BUH A BUH's" from Cannon are the two highlights that almost made me cut a flip off of a building. So fucking good. Just keep this playing and start moving like Ronnie for me.

4. Cathedral Music - Cthrl Mix 

No billdifferen Jersey Club list is complete without the essential 10+ minute unreleased mix from some of my favorite producers and this year's recipient of that spot was probably one of the biggest surprises in club music. Cathedral Music is a collective that felt like it appeared out of thin air - It boasts, in my opinion, Jersey's best when it comes to the more experimental side of the genre: Steez2nappsqua, and your favorite producer's favorite producer Jern. When these guys get together to lab, it's like they're trying to discover some lost city and they're trying every single unconventional way possible to get to that motherfucker. There is no 13 minutes of music from 2023 that comes close to the "outsider" nature of this shit - Name me a comparison and I'll slap you. I can throw in every witty buzzword to rave about how "futuristic" and "left-field" this genre is constantly becoming, but at this point, this is just straight 2024 Jersey. Like Now. More songs needs to sample Lois yelling at Peter like this (peep it at 3:36 lmao) for real. There's just too many insane ideas to write about here so just go take a plunge into this one and you'll come out looking like a pile of bones.
Now we have a top 3 appearance from 2022's "Jersey Club Rookie of the Year" $icko Music, as his emergence was one the most notable high points in the entire scene last year. He came backbetter than ever, and he brought LA Noire with him? Huh? As absurd as that may sound initially, the truth is that $icko took the Rockstar classic and made it into this cataclysmic storm of big band wails and choppy short circuiting that can electrocute an entire country. The way those anxiety-filled horns keeps you on your toes while $icko is doing whatever evil sorcery with that sampling, it feels like you're on a high speed chase trying to flee from Cole Phelps himself. There's so much hustle and bustle throughout this one - You'll be saying "POW right in the kisser" and developing a severe smoking problem like a true 1940s man. Still, one of the most unique and invigorating artists making Jersey Club at the moment - Someone with a sound just so singular and incredibly unreplicated.

For the winner of the "Jersey Club Rookie of the Year 2023" trophy, I have it ordered and personalized for FńęTheproducer, someone who just emerged out of fucking nowhere. Like he had a few tracks here and there, but it's just the way he's curated this ridiculous style thanks to Miami madman MG Burto and how it's starting to become this whole different section of left-field Jersey Club. First of all, SINCE FUCKING WHEN IS BREAKCORE ALLOWED IN THIS? The first time I heard this dude throw that drum break into this song, I had to frisbee myself out my window because I was so incredibly flabbergasted. You have Kratos showing his wrath upon this symphony of horns and time breaking within itself. Those moving bass lines just do something to brain that's inexplainable - It's like watching an innovation in real time. Just HOLY SHIT. Then I haven't even mentioned Burto's part, which is even more hellish and has you yelling WHAT THE FUCK from start to end. I don't know if that's like a car horn or something but that's is the most absurd thing I have heard in Jersey Club. This shit makes my stomach hurt, but like in a good way. The future is so bright man.

Let the late, great DJ Casper tell you something about this one: "This time, we're gonna get FUNKY." No melody whatsoever. Just DJ Casper reverbating over the Guinness World Record for the "Hardest Sequence of Drums Ever Created in the History of Man." This genre is always boasting the most maximalist, ridiculous things on earth, but sometimes, less is actually better! The way everything just breathes and has room to blow your mind makes this the special tune that it is. I can't even stop moving even as I type this last shitty blurb out. You can play this literally everywhere and seriously, every single age group will be losing their shit. Shows how universal the beautiful language of Jersey Club can be - Full stop. God damn I love this genre. 

And there you have it! Another awesome year of one of the best music scenes in the world, and I'm glad I'm able to cover it for you guys! I'm hoping to put out like a 25 best producers list just as a supplementary thing to get folks acquainted with the genre more by the end of the month to cap off Jersey Club January, and then next month, we are stacked - The long awaited funk list will be finally out then, and that's like opening a whole can of worms because I'm serious, many of y'all don't have a clue what you're going to experience in that one, so I can't wait to get that out soon. But appreciate everybody's support and til next time...