billdifferen's top 100 songs of 2022 (50-1)


Alright, hope y'all are rested, because here are the last 50 of my favorite songs from 2022! 


50. Gomi - in tha kut w/oldoceans


London's Gomi has been a really nice surprise to discover, as they are one of the better artists in that whole sphere of super glitchy, unstable sigilkore-adjacent music, ala artists like islurwhenitalk. "in tha kut" feels like a Boy Better Know grime cypher, but if it was done inside of the Catacombs,  as the eternally iconic Rebound X grime riddim is sped up and maniacally put through the wringer, while Gomi is acting like a metronome that is running out of batteries. Insane.

49. Smokingskul - Jenga [Prod. TDF]


One of SoundCloud's best rising stars this year has been Smokingskul, a Stockholm-born/Florida-based rapper who has such a unique energy with how he raps and the beats the he accompanies. Thanks to absolute-fucking-madman producer tdf, whose beat feels like the subwoofer in someone's trunk is trying to escape the car, Smokingskul shows how absurd he can be at times, yelling like a crazy person "HE'S REAL" and that he's got "a blade on [him he's] a real drainer." There's not too many people like him getting on these beats and making it work, and it's gone to good use, as he's already gotten Summrs, Xanman, and even Rx Papi collabs in the last few months alone. Someone that you need to keep on your eye on next year.

48. Babyface ray, DaeMoney, WTM Milt, Veeze - Tour Bus Music [Prod. Top$ide]


Just from reading the names of the 5 dudes alone, it's like looking at the '04 Pistons about to put an asswhoopin' on you. These are some of the best of the best in one of, if not, THE hottest American rap city at this moment, as they give their all over this signature horror-movie-score-meets-Mannie-Fresh-bounce beat coming from one of the best in the game, Top$ide. Obviously, the best parts here are Face's and Veeze's, but I might have to give the Player of the Game award to Veeze, as his cold verse feels like the dagger 3 to ice the game with a minute to go. An exhibition of how Detroit is one of the crown jewels of rap right now. (Also have to give a special shout out to Top$ide's interpretation of a 70s pimp horror film score - I love this shit.)


47. 𝑺𝒉𝒆𝒅 π‘»π’‰π’†π’π’“π’š - Cathedral [Prod. Iji]


Shed Theory is seriously making some of the most interesting music right now, as they have a very similar awe-striking etherealness to them, similar to someone like Izaya Tiji, however the multi-man group has this tinge of dejection and nihilism to them that makes their songs feel like they are coming from your drug-induced dreams. "Cathedral" exhibits that feeling greatly, as this insane beat from Iji feels like you're stuck at the bottom of a really deep well and Shed Theory is at the top singing this bullshit to scare you. A lot of what these dudes are saying is barely decipherable, but the random flashes harmonies being created here are so crazy. Shout out Marlon DuBois, as they really are the main one pushing this insane sound.

46. Headie One x Abra Cadabra x Bandokay - Can't Be Us [Prod. M1onthebeat]


In my humble opinion, Headie One is UK Drill's crowning jewel, despite such its short history. He's put out some of the important releases in the genre and one of the first artists in the UK to really make it global. "Can't Be Us" feels like the trophy ceremony for a team winning the Premiership, as it's a celebration of North London, more specially OFB, due to all 3 of their's affiliation with one of UK Drill's most popular groups. Bandokay and Abra Cadabra are really shaping up to be some of drill's next big stars, as they really hold their own with Headie, especially Bandokay, as his verse is a huge highlight here. Now put all of them on an M1onthebeat beat? You can't get better than that in the UK right now...

45. Rari 9 - Easter 22'


My favorite NOLA bounce DJ right now is easily DJ Rari 9this 17 year old prodigy coming out of the Lower 9th Ward. Their mixture of taking familiar songs and giving it that unique NOLA flaiand making these bite-sized mixes that make South Louisiana already hotter than it is makes Rari one of the most compelling DJs to keep up with. Rari's best claim to fame this year so far has been this Easter mix that he dropped back in April, mostly due to the traction that it had gained on TikTok. The mix starts off with NOLA's usual mind-melting goodness of stuttery chops and drums that make the trees in your backyard start twerking, but it really takes off once Rari decides to mix Louie Ray's Cash App and Bog Vonnie's Come Close together, creating this barrage of raw energy. By the end of this mix, your hair will probably be all fried up like a troll doll, but you'll probably be replaying this back again and again and again.

44. Gud - Red Cup


Gud is, without a doubt, one of the most important producers in internet music. From the legendary Sad Boys bangers of the early 2010s, to the modern and groundbreaking collab with Rx Papi, he's been at the top of his game this entire time. His output this year was stellar, topping it off with a really good EP from a few months ago, but the highlight from him is easily "Red Cup 2022," a remastered version of an older track of his that I used to listen to all the time. This newer version is much more majestic and refined compared to the loosie, especially with that Vangelis-esque synth intro that heralds into that incredible piano line that plays throughout. Fun fact: There is no sample in here, and this is all Gud singing, which blew my mind at first. It has such an incredible bounce and it's just something that only Gud could make himself. Probably the best instrumental track of 2022.  



The best Yachty song in so damn long. I don't give a shit about memes or "virality," but it's the fact that we got to see this dude make properly weird music again for the first time in so long was a blessing. The vibrato from the singing just kills me, as he's got Pavarotti shaking in his britches. People were stupid as fuck thinking he was just taking a pan to Poland. Sure, TikTok ran this song into the ground down into the core of the Earth, but regardless, "Poland" is perfect, addicting, and a Yachty classic.

42.  ChaosYSL & Tenkay - Based Livin [Prod. ChaosYSL]


When it comes to dual threats on SoundCloud, one of the best around right now is producer ChaosYSL and Houston's Tenkay - an energetically angelic combo of hazy nostalgia: nightcore-esque speedjerk beats, and music that just sounds like kicking it with your friends. Here with "Based Livin," all 3 of those aspects hold true, as the dynamic duo hypnotize the listener with this beat that sounds like it literally came from heaven. It really picks up once the song is slowed down and restarted, as the sobering change only adds to the intoxicating grip this song has on me. It just feels like two bros cutting up, and it really does live to the moniker of "Based Livin."

41. Duwap Kaine - Swisher House [Prod. Eera & EVILGIANE]


Duwap is only 20 years old, but he is already one of the best to ever do it. He's influenced so much already, and that influence will only continue to grow. On "Swisher House," Duwap teams with surf gang producers Eera and Evilgiane and destroys this beat in only a way that he can, by giving life advice, making fun of people eating at Applebees, and sending love to families of addiction victims. His signature sing-y flow works so well over this, and it feels almost effortless, but also incredibly sincere. Just no one does it like Duwap. One of one.



New York's drill scene really has endured many hardships in such its short history. From losing greats, either through tragic violence or the evils of our justice system, to having to deal with fucking idiots who have nothing going on in that brain of theirs, I used to see people on the internet say that "New York drill is dead," Luckily over the last year, you now have places like the Bronx advancing NY's drill evolution to new horizons, and there's many rising stars there to root for. Out of anyone there this year, no one has made a better tune than 18 year old Set Da Trend, as "Get Home" is just a flawless tune. I've had my complaints in the past about sample drill and how it got a bit old to me, but with madmen like Cash Cobain, I really do feel like that the style has been moving forward and becoming the best version of itself. Like seriously, the Faith Evans sample is worth the price of admission alone here, but it's Setty's passionately open and heartfelt bars, discussing loss and the hard struggle of coping with those losses, that makes this so good. A top tier song from a top tier rap city.

39. ektisy - on me [prod. living luxury]


I randomly found this song through someone's likes one day, and it barely has over 5k plays, but this 58 second parasite has been unable to leave my brain since the day I heard it. ektisy is a fairly small artist, but "on me" is one of the best songs I've heard on SoundCloud this year, as this kid does some weird 42 Dugg-like crooning over this insanely intoxicating instrumental that is just a droning shoegaze-esque guitar and a jerk beat. You'll prolly play it a good 5 times before you get to the next song, so have fun. 

38. Bandmanrill ft. Sha EK - Jiggy in Jersey [Prod. DJ Swill B]


With club rap, it only works if you approach it with a lot of energy, so when you get Newark's own Bandmanrill with the first ever person to have been born with a megaphone inside of their vocal chords, Sha Ek, you just know that this is going to be gold. The beat is not super in-your-face like most of the club stuff, as it leans more towards a subdued drill approach, but it still hits really hard as the NY/Jersey connection harmoniously works together. To be honest though, the song is only good because of the 30 second snippet for part 2 that they play at the end, which is the real star here. The "Around The World" sample is insane, the two go even harder there, and it just shows how these are two of the best young potential rap stars coming out of the east coast.


37. Veeze - Close Friends [Prod. come on p]

Veeze is one of a kind. Yeah, he puts out just as much music as I put out any writing, but when he drops something, you just stop whatever you're doing and put that shit on. At times, he has this shrill voice that almost sounds like the old lady Spongebob was trying to sell chocolate to, but his flow here is slicker than an oil spill. The beat from come on p feels like a panic attack, Veeze is stunting on your stupid ass, and you are just bopping your head and stank facing to every single bar. A masterclass with one of Detroit's best. Can't wait for the next track in 2024 and hopefully a tape in 2027...



36. Dino Btw - 10th Ward [Prod. Alright Slash]


More bounce insanity, and this time it's from Dino BTW, easily one of the best in NOLA, as her energy is like getting punched in the head repeatedly like a speed bag. The Destiny's Child sample is met a relentless assault of bounce breaks, stutters, and Dino doing math and talking about her love for the 10th Ward (not going into specifics) that is just so overwhelming altogether. Special shout out to Alright Slash for this insane beat because this just goes. Another reason why NOLA is one of the best cities in the world.



35. Wormrot - Behind Closed Doors


Grindcore really is an insane genre. It's like those Doritos that got too much dust on them - short and sweet, but also just a powerful slap to your senses. Singapore's Wormrot is easily one of grindcore's best ever bands, and "Behind Closed Doors" shows how much of a whiplash this music is, as there's new riffs, rhythms, and types of inhuman screaming being thrown at you every 10 seconds and you're unable to dodge any of it. From the relentless blast beats to the thrashy and punkish grooves to the squealing guitars, this is just 90 seconds of sticking your finger inside an electrical socket.


34. jaydes - slugs [Prod. XanGang]


 Broward County's jaydes has been another nice surprise to discover this year, as this teenager has one of the smoothest approaches to the plugg sound right now. On "slugs," with help of plugg god XanGang, jaydes melodically glides over that really smooth beat. It has that common teenage angst that you would get from your standard high school junior, but he's really got something going here because this is just addicting.



33. Kodak Black - Walk [Prod. Tye Beats]


Gonna prolong our stay in Broward, as here we have easily the most notable man from there. The Kodak magic is a beautiful thing to experience, and even after so many years, he's still putting out incredible tunes like "Walk." It has that feel that I used to get with listening early Kodak which is just pure bewilderment of how incredibly good he is. The somber violins that are ominously crying throughout the song serve as a dark background for Kodak showing why he's one of the best in the game with his braggadocios and confident performance here.


32. st47ic - Sir I am playing Skate 2 while fucking your bitch [Prod. ChaosYSL & numb]


Here, we have another bite-sized piece of heaven coming from one of the best on Soundcloud, Chattanooga's st47ic. While most of his music is a lot darker and sounds it is truly coming from the underworld, this track that mentions the greatest video game of all time feels like st47ic is instead coming from the heavens. It's so airy and free and invokes such an incredible feeling for something that is so short. It'll have you yelling "BITCH I'M COUNTIN' DOUGH BITCH I'M COUNTIN' DOUGHHH" by the end of it. I finally understand why y'all youngins do those 9 hour versions for certain songs, because I can't stop playing this one.




There's been many New York interpretations of club rap throughout its boom this year, but no matter what, no one was even close to these 3 getting together to make this moody and kinetic rush of goodness. With Quelly's incredibly deep voice, to Setty's demonically aggressive flow, to Fr33bandit's effortless delivery, all three slide and make sure that there isn't a second that goes wasted here. Also the beat is easily one of the best that has been used in club rap so far in my opinion, as there hasn't been to many songs that have used club beats this dark, so this is a great outlier that I wish we saw more of.


30. Luh Tyler x LOE Shimmy - A Day in the NOYA [Prod. Xair]

Now this shit has you feeling like you're at the beach with a button down floral shirt letting the Florida sun beam down on you, as Tally's Luh Tyler and Pompano Beach's LOE Shimmy team up to make this awesome banger over this underwater-ass beat. The youngin' does his standard smooth man shtick that never ever fails, and then Shimmy goes crazy with a similarly effortless flow that is just so damn hard. Calling it: 2023 is all Florida's year, and this shit is just a preview of what's to come.

29. Devstacks ft. BabySantana -  Vivienne Soulja 2 [Prod. Reset & Nashi] 


Massachusetts's Devstacks really gets on some of the most beautiful beats I have ever heard in my life. A lot of his music revolves around that "regalia" sphere of SoundCloud that has been brewing for a bit now, where it's just these super ornate orchestral ideas that are so drawn-out and feel like you're about to go on some otherworldly quest. With "Vivienne Soulja 2," it feels like Dev and BabySantana are frozen in the nothingness of space, as the instrumental is so incredibly cold and fleeting, consisting of glacial walls of synths, body-shattering bass, and melodies that belong in a Ghibli film. Another great look at the future of SoundCloud and how these sounds are constantly evolving and getting better.


28. skaiwater - #miles (prod skaiwater & jdolla)


London's skaiwater is exactly what I wanted to come out of this Jersey Club renaissance - A perfect mixture of club beats, R&B, and pop from someone from across the pond. This one was HUGE this year, as it ruled over Tiktok for a while, but from this song is just perfect, as it has the right amount of everything here: The high-pitch singing, the glockenschpeils, the kick triplets, the groove and vibe - Just all done perfectly here, like this shit was made in a lab. It even has a Lil Uzi remix for christ's sake. Excited to see what this kid does next. 


27.  Shawny Binladen - Grinchset Shyt [Prod. Natt Carlos]


I think I said this on the last song list I did, but it really is hard to choose just one Shawny song, because he releases so much damn music, and it's always so good! Him and the rest of his Grinchset brethren are making some of the best music in New York right now, and it's honestly really hard to keep up with all of their releases sometimes. However, from the absolutely insane sample used here (a early 90s UK house banger) to the fast drill beat that obliterates my speakers, Shawny holds his own and slaughters this really short tune with his greatness. If only his golf form at 19 seconds was good as his music, because he's honestly making Charles Barkley look like a PGA champion over here...


26.  EL ALFA " EL JEFE " - LEBRON EN EL BAMESO [Prod. Chael Produciendo]


El Alfa is truly the King of Dembow, as he's been the one of the main folks to really push this genre into just absurd territories over the years. Here, he gives us a glimpse of what the DR will be sounding like in 2045, as this futuristic and industrial beat (thanks to this Marie Davidson/Soulwax sample) is just so far and beyond from anything else right now in the genre. El Alfa is like an android booting up that keeps malfunctioning, while that damn beat just keeps getting harder and harder the more you hear it. I'm genuinely convinced this dude has a time machine to be able to do this shit lmao.



25. Lucifer - ON GANG #END 


I just want to say that Lucifer is STILL one of the best artists on Soundcloud right now, however, I  don't think I have any words about this insane song that would be better than what da gawd KPR said about it on their own end-of-year list, so just using this to tell y'all to check out his list, as they are one of the best writers doing this shit right now. Also wanted to add that somehow JEWELXXET is apparently back? So, 2023 is going to be crazy. Can't wait...





Kray on a rage beat is just a crazy concept to think of, but only the legend himself could do it this perfectly. I'm seriously convinced that Kray is gonna be 50 years old like Suga Free still putting out some of the hardest shit on earth. It feels like he's never going to stop being amazing, and I still haven't seen him drop in quality a single bit. An trendsetting and important artist that deserves every single flower possible.



23.  Kali Malone - Living Torch I 


Sure, this is just the first half of a whole ass album, but hey, I don't make the rules here (oh shit, maybe I do). Kali Malone is one of the greatest minds in drone music right now, as they are single-handedly making the organ the coolest instrument ever again. There's just so much warmness to their music, and with Living Torch, she is making these super strung-out and slowly-moving pieces that just have you so entranced with the music itself, almost like another state of being. With that first part, it starts off pretty slow, but it gradually gets deeper and more unsettling, as these quaking-from-beneath synths and whispery instrumental accompaniments serve as a perfect backdrop to the other half of the album. Just put this on, close your eyes, and let it all wash over you.


22. Kenzo B - Dump It ( Bump It Part 2 ) 


Kenzo Motherfuckin B!!! She's really one of the hardest rappers in New York right now and I had a really difficult time trying to choose either the 1st or 2nd part to this song, because that 1st part was my insane introduction to her. However, when you have her spazzing over these guitars that sound like the Power Rangers are about to come over and beat your ass, I have to give the slight edge to the 2nd part. Kenzo has a flow akin to a god damn minigun, as they just keep going and going, and it's done with so much skill! She's really shaping up to get better and better, so can't wait to see what comes next from her. 


21. Dean Blunt ft. Skepta, Novelist, A$AP Rocky - LONDON TONIGHT FREESTYLE


The lineup here is absolutely insane, and funnily enough, this wasn't even supposed to come out at first. LONDON TONIGHT FREESTYLE is a clash between some of the UK's best ever artists, while you have Rocky just sitting there in the corner singing like a hippie at Woodstock. It has this really old school late-00s road rap vibe to it, as it's dying for a Giggs feature, but Blunt, Skepta, and Novelist all body this beat, while Rocky's melodically psychedelic part serves as a great balance to the other three. An out-of-nowhere stacked collab that actually lives up to the hype.

20.  MarijuanaXO x Joe Pablo - WWE 


Milwaukee's MarijuanaXO and Joe Pablo are one of the best dynamic duos in rap and Window Service is a must-listen to get acquainted with one of rap's most unique scenes right now. "WWE" is easily my favorite cut from there as it's the perfect balance of Joe's outlandish Milwaukee-standard singing and Marijuana's emotive and hard hitting raps. Also the beat is crazy, from the Attitude Era intro, to the crisp and pulsating hats, to the almost toy-like quality to that piano which is quite charming, plus the way that everything's so smooth here is a perfect encapsulation of brotherhood between these two. They don't miss a beat together.

19.  Soul Glo - Gold Chain Punk (whogonbeatmyass?)


I've been keeping up with Soul Glo since I heard their UNTITLED LP back in 2016, and it's been so satisfying to see their rightful trajectory towards being one of the greatest punk bands in a very very long time. People are always like "Oh yeah Soul Glo is just a great mixture of a whole bunch of genres," but honestly, I think that just they're just pure punk in a sense that they perfectly exhibit that freedom of sound and expression that the culture swears by, but they're just doing it in a way that we've never seen before, which is why I think they are one of the best bands in music right now. The opener to their incredible album from this year captures all of that innovation and shows that they are the future of this genre, as this is a noisy, nihilist mishmash of insanity. I saw a YT comment say that this song "feels like being combo'd in a fighting game," and that is really the perfect descriptor here, as they are just throwing you all over the place with the numerous amount of riffs, influences, breakdowns, and just pure fucking energy that they are bodyslamming you with the entire time. And that performance from Pierce Jordan, god damn - He sounds a man possessed at times, as he's the piece that glues this genius together. Like I said, one of the best bands in the world who's only looking to be better and better as time goes on.

18. D Sturdy - Remember Me [Prod. JumboSounds]


D Sturdy is easily the best Philly Goat in my opinion, as I feel like he has the best balance of dancing and rapping out of any one of them. Most of the goats are "stop-at-wawa-and-grab-a-quesadilla"-ing their way through these club beats, and sure, it works, but Dyce really is starting do something serious with this. I said in the Bandman song, but this music requires a certain constant energy to make it work, and the Philly Goat's charismatic nature and natural ability to extract that charisma into something he is such a novice at (rapping) is the perfect recipe for this song. The Jeremih sample is rejuvenated in the most Philly way possible, and it has you doing those Philly breathing noises by the end of it, because this just goes. Like just watching this dude dance is exhausting lmao. Also have to give a special shout out to his From The Block performance where he just stops lip syncing and starts dancing his heart for the rest of the video with his friends. In my eyes, he's destined to be one of the greatest entertainers of all time... Need that Philly Goats Vegas residency in 2049.



Evilgiane and RealYungPhil are always a match in heaven, to the point where I'm convinced Giane has a special folder on his computer titled "For Phil Only" where he saves his best beats just for him. "Everything We Need" is another reason why I have this hypothesis, because this beat is just hypnotic and it fits Phil's leisurely lowkey style, as he confidently states he "I woke up and decided to stunt." Heavenly, and just a quick bouncy earworm from one of the best on SoundCloud. Also can't forget to mention the INSANE Modern Warfare 3 cut in the music video - One of my favorite things in a music video this year.

16. Ot7QUANNY - Dame Lillard [Prod. PYRO-Z5]


I started to listen to all of my music with a low-pass filter now all because of this man. No, but seriously, North Philly's Ot7Quanny signature underwater sound is easily one of my favorite things in rap at the moment. He's one of the hardest rappers in the city, and this Dame-inspired track is another heat check in a really stellar year this dude has had. Each bit of wordplay that he wittily does, from "I'm in Memphis wit some grizzles | Tryna bring the smack back" to "RTA & Amiris don't do purple brand |  I got a dollar for every follower I got on Instagram" hits exactly like those 50 foot logo 3s Dame does from time to time. Add in that super dark beat, sounding like it's coming from a pitch black alleyway in a futuristic city, you have one of the best rap songs this year.

15. Duke Deuce Ft. Glorilla - JUST SAY THAT [Prod. Allen Ritter & Metro Boomin]


Memphis is so fucking back dude. As almost a "Chickenhead" for a new generation, "JUST SAY THAT" brings together 2 of the best in the city to bring back that old school sound, but in such a fresh way. The manic pianos coming from the "Warsaw Concerto" sample are met with these sub-breaking 808s, which serve backdrop for Duke, but when Glorilla comes in man.... 

This shit made my jaw drop the first time I heard her verse when those thick and deep strings come in like the climax of a movie, and HER FLOW Y'ALL, MY GOD. She's really one of the best rappers period right now, like out of everybody. (If I wanted to be super objective here I would've made "FNF" number one on this whole damn list, but that's too easy and predictable.) This tune is just a statement and celebration of a city's culture that will continue to thrive thanks to these two.

14. kynlary -  alone [prod. meta] 


I don't think I've spent more time analyzing an artist and trying to figure out who the fuck they are more this year than kynlary. Just everything about them is just so interesting and enigmatic, as they are just this angelic cherub who plays a harp like in those old Renaissance paintings but if you fed the lil dude too much pluggnb. Almost all of their songs are bite-sized and short, have random pictures of girls as the covers, and always invoke this fairy-tale-like feeling that almost feels surreal. With "alone," kynlary is crying his heart out over these light and distorted keys where everything just sounds like a dream here. It's almost like he's a modern-day troubadour letting their emotions out to the world, and it's just so incredibly beautiful to see. One of the best right now in my opinion. Also this comment destroyed me lmao:

13. Jim Legxacy - dj


I found this through a random tweet one day on the TL from this dude, and I don't think I've ever been immediately gobsmacked by something that sudden, because I did not expect this AT ALL. Southeast London's Jim Legxacy just loves to mix things together and make unique ideas of his own, and he does it with so much grace and conviction on "dj," as it mashes together so many different influences, ranging from Afrobeat and Jersey Club grooves, to twinkly and twangy Midwest Emo guitars, to slightly precise tinges of drill and R&B. And the way that they meld it so perfectly is just mindblowing. Legxacy is pouring his heart out over lost love while these different ideas are being distributed with so much harmony. The Unknown T sample is subtle, yet perfect, the more ambient parts are breathtaking, and I still can't believe I didn't know about this dude until I saw a random tweet of his. Another reason why the internet is beautiful, and a great track that a lot of people are sleeping on!!!

12. L-Gante - CHIRIPI RKT (SUSY) [Prod. DT.Bilardo]


I'm writing this a few days before the World Cup final, so I'm either gonna be happy or mad as hell once this list comes out, but I gotta show some love for Argentina, because they've given us Messi, Maradona, and this crazy motherfucker. L-Gante is one of the main people in that country pushing cumbia to its limits, with his Cumbia 420 way of life, as it's just this intoxicating re-imagining of the regional sound that I can't get enough. While his output this year was a bit more hit/miss compared to his hell of a 2021, "CHIRIPI RKT" shows that the magic of Cumbia 420 is always within him. The groove feels like you're struggling in slow motion, L-Gante is almost like Pig-Pen from the Peanuts with how his voice just lingers like a dust cloud following him, and there's this weird low end present at times that feels like there's some type of cumbia monster trying to break through from inside of the earth. It's just incredible! Especially with the tracks that he does with DT BILRADO, L-Gante establishes this flagship form of cumbia that only he could create himself. Probably because he's smoking on the shit that made Messi and Maradona the greats that they are. Either that or yerba mate.. 

11. Duwap Kaine - New Post Malone [Prod. cj808 + s1ninja]


If I had to choose a "beat of the year" selection, this would be one of my first choices, because what cj808 and s1ninja do here is just fucking insane. To some, these complex and futuristic beats can be quite a hurdle to go over, but for Duwap Kaine, it's just a normal Tuesday evening stroll, as he can literally body any beat that is thrown at him."New Post Malone" is exactly that case because it's like he's hopscotching over this overwhelming Kaiju monster of a beat that just keeps evolving and getting more insane as Duwap goes on. From the quick draw of those drill-based drum patterns, to the flutters and glitches of these pristine synths, to the little sprinkles of various bells, whistles, and doohickeys, this song is just so incredibly busy and it's still just a squash match to this man. Like I said earlier, he is so influential, and deserves so many flowers, and I just always get so excited to see what Duwap does next. God bless him.


10. Certified Trapper - All Night Flights [Prod. Certified Trapper]

Isn't the future beautiful? Slap City's Certified Trapper is probably my artist of the year, if I really had to choose one, because I haven't been this overwhelmed and excited about an artist in a really long time. He has those based-tendencies and the output like early 2010s Lil B and the batshit insanity of more recent rappers like Rxk Nephew, but Trapper's just too damn unique to just be called "just another one" of those 2. Especially with him producing his own beats, he brings that Milwaukee weirdness to another level, as he takes in inspiration from Detroit, Atlanta, twerk music, 00s swag rap of the South, among others, but if they were all given DMT gummies because what the fuck. I just haven't been able to stop listening to him and tell others about him, because he's just so unlike anyone else right now. "All Night Flights" has Trapper losing it on top of "Baby's First Piano" playing such a simple, yet effective melody, Zaytoven "AHHHHs" that feels like a smack to your head every time they come up, 808s that sound like those mushrooms that you would jump on in the Sonic games. The best out of an exhaustive catalog from this year. Seriously, people really need to really get up to date with this shit and this mad scientist, because in no time, Drake is gonna put on a Giannis jersey and do these disco dance moves and make us stray far away from god, while I jump off of CN Tower in protest.


9. R3D - Ramadan [Prod. Al Nather]


 One of my favorite music collectives of the last few years has been easily BLTNM, as the group of Palestinian creatives have made some of the most impactful and revolutionary music I have heard in quite some time. R3D is like the supergroup of the collective, as it consists of some of their best, Shabjdeed, Daboor, and producer Al Nather, as well as showcasing newcomer Ramadan. The opener to their EP is a freeing barnburner of a tune, as Al Nather creates this beat that feels like a mirage, consisting of these orchestral visions of sound that feel so far away but has you continuing to go towards it (He's seriously one of the most underrated producers in the world right now). The hook from Ramadan is infectious, Shabjdeed and Daboor confidently go off (going off what I see from the translation of the lyrics lol), and it's just so incredibly one of a kind. Free Palestine forever and forever.



8. islurwhenitalk - pink neon lights [prod. islurwhenitalk]


You know the scene in 2001: A Space Odyssey where the dude goes in hyperspace and all the colors go crazy and shit? This is seriously what this song feels like, and only islurwhenitalk could be the only person who could've done such a thing. "pink neon lights" starts off with a Final Fantasy XIII sample and takes it to overdrive with this super fast and frantic vampjerk beat (man I don't know what the fuck that means; don't ask me) that glitches and breaks throughout the song. Every time I listen to it, it's just overwhelmingly entrancing and unlike anything that I have ever heard. The "this is a uhhhhh dj slurr classic" tag is 10/10, the slowed down outro brings it down to earth a little bit, and this really might be one of his greatest ever songs, which says a lot out of his mammoth 700+ song catalog on SoundCloud. An absolute genius.





The fact that these two have the best rap album of the year, despite them being the co-winners of the "2022 World's Most Horniest Man Award Sponsored By Spike TV" is absolutely an incredible feat. Cash Cobain is a top 3 producer in the country right now, these 2 have perfected club rap better than anyone who's done it this year, and "JHOLIDAY" is one of the best moments of an album full of "best moments." Just smooth, addicting, and a modern Shakespearean love sonnet. But for real, why are they that horny all the time; It's time pick up some new hobbies or something.


6. Chief Keef - Chief So [Prod. Young Malcolm]


I'm gonna act like I'm not mad that Almighty So 2 didn't come out yet, but at least we really got some good singles from Sosa this year. "Chief So" was easily my favorite from him (picking a song from 4NEM is too easy), as this feels like he's rapping while looking at the rest of the world from his gigantic throne. The beat feels like he's a final boss in a Final Fantasy game and is almost anxiety-inducing, but the big star of this song is THAT GOD DAMN LAST VERSE OF HIS. It's like he turned Super Saiyan 4000 and with each word that came out of him, he was destroying different planets and galaxies as a result. Like for real, that shit makes me want run through a brick wall, it got me so hyped. It's been over a decade now that we've been graced with Chief Keef's greatness and I'm so excited to see what the next 10 years entails for one of the greatest ever to do it. 


5.  NBA Youngboy - Like A Jungle (Out Numbered) 


 I audibly gasped the first time I heard this. From the image of Youngboy in a casket to the C-Murder remix, "Like A Jungle" shows how much an icon the Baton Rouge rapper has molded himself into. From the way he talks to C-Murder directly to the way he illustrates the struggles he's faced to get to where he is now, it's just another workshop with one of the best rappers on Earth right now. Another thing about this song that gets me is C-Murder's response that really gets me emotional. God bless Louisiana and the legends that have made it the state that it is.



4. xaviersobased - far [prod. xaviersobased]


 This is what I look like every single time I put on a xaviersobased song:

In all of my years of being on SoundCloud (I've been on that motherfucker for too damn long), xavier has been one of the very select few who has struck me with awe from the absolute start. He's really up there as one of the best of his generation currently, as he's carved out a sound that is already influencing others and is pushing internet music into places we have never seen before. I think I've called him a "based disciple" before, but that really describes him perfectly, as that uniquely positive state of mind is always radiating from his music. "far" blasts off immediately and feels like you got sucked into your computer, falling through this wormhole of claps, bass, and other digitally audible creatures, and then you meet God himself, and it's just xavier doing Milwaukee dance moves on a throne made of copies of THUG 2. He's really making something so otherworldly and original, and I feel like it's just the start of his dominance, so can't wait to see what's next for the young legend.


3. DJ Travella - Crazy Beat Music Umeme 2


This 19 year old from Dar es Salaam has everything it takes to be a pure fucking rockstar, but he's not using no damn guitars -  He's got a wireless keyboard, and he's not afraid to melt your brain with it. DJ Travella is easily Singeli's next great, adding onto the list of out-of-this-world Tanzanian legends like Jay Mitta, Bamba Pana, and Duke, but there's just something different about this kid. With Mr Mixondo released back in April, I feel like DJ Travella has elevated and garnered the next generation of Singeli, adding in numerous slight influences like London grime, Atlanta trap, and happy hardcore. Usually, most Singeli albums are 30-40 minutes of you getting your brain vaporized by those quick tempos, but the way Travella gives the listener room to breathe, while still maintaining that distinct chaos is what makes Mr Mixondo the best Singeli release yet. Nothing summarizes the chaos of this album better than "Crazy Beat Music Umeme 2," as it's the aural embodiment of being strapped to the outside of a rocket ship that's taking off at warp speed. From the start, with the vaporizing waves of bass, drum patterns that give you tremors, and laser beams of synths that attack every square inch of your ear, Travella takes you to hell and back, as this is easily the most insane thing you will hear from anyone this year. Those random parts where the 808 bass slides into these high-pitched alarm tones is just cerebral-disintegrating. One of the most promising electronic acts in the world and the literal embodiment of this emoji





2. Zahsosaa x Dsturdy - Shake That [Prod. Dj Crazy]

 Honestly, one of the biggest reasons why club rap blew up this year, and it's an absolute travesty that not a single "credible publication" mentioned this song in their end of year lists. I think I've yapped my head off about this song a bunch of times already on this website, but this is going to be a very important song when we look back at this in 5/6 years. The energy from D Sturdy and Zahsosaa is off the charts, DJ Crazy's unique, pan-flute-and-gun-click-crazy production here is just a dramatic backdrop for the two to go crazy on, and I don't know, IT'S JUST FUCKING FUN MAN. I bet some of y'all prolly listen to music sitting with y'all thinking caps, faces stoic as hell trying to analyze the frequencies going on, but y'all aren't having FUN. Just throw this on, get up, practice those breathing noises a few times and just go to town! On a good day, the best song of the decade so far, and on a bad day, the 2nd best song of 2022. Now, it's time for the big one..


And finally...... The Best Song of 2022:


1. Drake - Sticky [Prod. Gordo]


 You know how sticky it get..


Wasn't funny? Okay damn....well here you go then:

1. tisakorean - backseat [prod. tisakorean]


I'm not even going to lie, I had a really really hard time determining what my true "Number 1" would be while making this, but the more I think about it, this just feels like the right choice. "backseat" might be Tisakorean's most serious song he's ever made. For someone who loves silliness and the act of being silly so much, it's crazily refreshing to hear the Mo City native be so lovey and sincere here. Obvious sultry tones aside, this feels like a pop hit from 2009, something The Dream would be all over, and Tisa's high-pitched singing sounds like it belongs in a Detroit Grand Pubahs song, so this already has some retro vibe to it. But, the Shaman of Silly's charm and production skills really makes this the modern hit that it is. This song really didn't click with me fully until I drove out one night and put this on, and it was just the combination of the faint lights gleaming over me and the warmly mesmerizing feeling radiating from the song that gave me goosebumps upon goosebumps upon goosebumps. Sometimes, it's just the "feeling" it gives you that can be the edge in these lists lol. Also the short film associated with this video is incredibly well-made and is a great glimpse into the mind of one of music's best. Music would sadly not be the same or as fun without Tisakorean. From the weekly twitter videos, to the absurd nature of his personality, to the sheer innovation that he constantly brings to his sound, it's really hard to think of many people who are more unique and captivating as Tisa. If this trend continues, 2023 will probably be even sillier, and I can't fucking wait... 


Well you actually made it to the end. I hope it was worth it! However, I think 2022 was a really great year for music, and I can't wait to see what entails for next year. I appreciate you taking the time to go through this and hopefully check out some stuff that you haven't heard before! Hopefully we have 2 more big lists in store, so I hope you look forward to those, and we'll have some huge things planned after that, so be on the lookout! 

Appreciate all of the support and I hope you all take care!