billdifferen's top 100 releases of 2022

Alright y'all, BEST ALBUMS TIME!

Here, I tired to gather up as many great albums that I can think of throughout various different genres, so I hope you are able to find something cool here today. As for the format here, I just wanted to make this mostly a discovery hub for you. Not super detailed blurbs; Just a super short description and the links to check them out! As for the brackets, man I don't know. I just think they look cool and that's it. But yeah, hope you enjoy and get to listening!

100. Explorers Of The Internet - BTR Remixed! Album - Original Unique New Version

[SoundCloud shitpost album that does the same riddim remix to a bunch of Big Time Rush Songs]


99.  eclipse... by #twilight 

[Angelic pluggnb from a SoundCloud collective inspired by the teen book/movie series]

Must Listen: braxton knight - jacob & bella's interlude (prod chaosysl + mxsui + dmtnas) 


98. Friendzone - COLLECTION II

[Another incredible comp from one of the most underrated producer duos ever. RIP James Laurence forever]

Must Listen: Come on man, the official Fashion Killa beat is on here.

SoundCloud | Bandcamp | Apple Music | Spotify

97. Ivan Cornejo - Dañado

[Sadboy corridos tumbados para llorar en la mamalona]

Must Listen: "J."

Youtube | Apple Music | Spotify

96. Speed - Gang Called Speed

[Australian hardcore for made for lifting and flipping off of shit]

Must Listen: "NOT THAT NICE"

Bandcamp | Apple Music | Spotify

95. Scarcity - Aveilut

[Pretty good experimental black metal for dudes who still button the top button on their shirt]

Must Listen: "III"

Bandcamp | Apple Music | Spotify

94. Bad Bunny - UN VERANO SIN TI

[Crazy underground artist from Puerto Rico]

Must Listen: "Neverita" (Yes because of the Tiktoks)

Youtube | Apple Music | Spotify

93. JayTheMixer201 - WILD SUMMER 3:THIS OUR TIME 

[Jersey Club for people who love good sampling]

Must Listen: "ART OF BIZZY"


92. Real Boston Richey - Public Housing

[Hard hitting Florida rap that brings that Michigan influence down south]

Must Listen: "Bullseye 2 ft. Future"

Youtube | Apple Music | Spotify | DJ Frisco Fast Version

91. Coby Sey - Conduit

[A crazy dark mishmash of UK bass, hip hop, and industrial that is really unique]

Must Listen: "Night Ride"

Bandcamp | Apple Music | Spotify

90. Zguba - Znój

[Incredible ambient music from Bulgaria that feels like you're in a very beautiful church that is burning down]

Must Listen: "Czeluść"

Bandcamp | Apple Music | Spotify

89. Mavi - Laughing so Hard, it Hurts

[More intimately inventive and jazzy raps from one of the most promising minds in hip hop]

Must Listen: "Trip (feat. Amindi)"

Youtube | Apple Music | Spotify

88. Abul Mogard - In a Few Places Along the River

[Awe-inspiring drone music that feels mammoth in almost a Sunn O))) type of way]

Must Listen: "Against A White Cloud"

Bandcamp | Apple Music | Spotify

87. Diamanda Galás - Broken Gargoyles

[If the A$AP Yams "luv my goth bitch she call me up before bed time tell me spooky stories" tweet was an album]

Bandcamp | Apple Music | Spotify

86. Actress - Dummy Corporation

[A return to form from one of electronic music's best; Got me feeling like I'm Fact Magazine in 2015]

Must Listen: "Dream"

Bandcamp | Apple Music | Spotify

85. Tomotsugu Nakamura - Nothing Left Behind

[A random discovery of really nice ambient that heavily relies on stellar electro-acoustic elements]

Must Listen: "Poolside"

Bandcamp | Apple Music | Spotify

84. Rooster - Rooster Debut EP

[Sad Boy Gud's debut release as Rooster that shows a whole new side of the producer]

Must listen: "Guts Theme"

Apple Music | Spotify

83. The Chats - Get Fucked

[Old school punk from Australia that makes me feel like I'm stuck inside of a Tony Hawk game]

Must Listen: "I've Been Drunk in Every Pub in Brisbane"

Bandcamp | Apple Music | Spotify

82. Yungd1se - BarNard 68! [ROCK3T⛎T3CHNO] 

[Music from another dimension that you have never heard before]

Must Listen: LION!


81. Dani Kiyoko - REAL $tREET RUNNA 2

[Another Atlanta/Dirty South throwback tape from one of SoundCloud's hardest working artists]

Must Listen: BAD GIRLS


80. Amselysen - Organe Solaire

[A surreal electronic journey that feels like R Plus 7 on salvia]

Must Listen: The Labour of Love

Bandcamp | Apple Music | Spotify

79. Hissing - Hypervirulence Architecture

[Some of the noisiest and most evil metal I have heard in a very long time]

Must Listen: Meltdown

Bandcamp | Apple Music | Spotify

78. Bruno Berle - No Reino Dos Afetos

[Beautifully-made MPB music that very mellow and brings in influence from R&B, among others]

Must Listen: Quero Dizer

Bandcamp | Apple Music | Spotify

77. dazegxd - vKiSS

[One of the hottest up-and-coming electronic producers with their most cohesive work to date, boasting his incredible range of house, garage, and internet goodness]

Must Listen: ur all i want

SoundCloud | Bandcamp | Apple Music | Spotify

76. Bandmanrill - Club Godfather

[In my honest opinion, just okay rapping that is saved by a Man of the Match performance from Mcvertt, as their contributions are the main star here]

Must Listen: PIANO ft. Lay Bankz

Apple Music | Spotify

75. Tek lintowe - My tek lintowe

[A strange look into the mind of producer Tek Lintowe who's made one of the most unique album experiences I have had this year]

Must Listen: Balcony

SoundCloud | Bandcamp | Apple Music | Spotify

74. Lee Tracy & Isaac Manning - Is It What You Want

[A collection of synth/drum machine heavy R&B tracks from the late 80s/early 90s from Nashville artist Lee Tracy that seriously sounds like it would come from today]

Must Listen: Is It What You Want

Bandcamp | Apple Music | Spotify

73. Papo2oo4, DJ Lucas & subjxct 5 - Continuous Improvement

[A three-headed monster of east coast hip-hop talent that has some of the best beats I've heard this year (s/o subjxct5)]


Apple Music | Spotify

72. The Garden - Horseshit on Route 66

[A punky mess of a whole bunch of other shit from one of the best brother duos in music]

Must Listen: What Else I Could be But a Jester

Bandcamp | Apple Music | Spotify

71. rodneyy - #OGTG

[Stellar self-produced SoundCloud rap that serves as his most cohesive work to date]

Must Listen: fleekin

SoundCloud | Apple Music | Spotify

70. DJ Lag - Meeting With The King

[A celebration of gqom music from one of the most important figures of the genre]

Must Listen: Chaos ft. General C'mamane & Omagoqa

SoundCloud | Apple Music | Spotify

69. DJ TONIAS ORIGINAL- A Primavera De DJ Tonias 

[A collection of genius ideas revolving around baile funk from one of my favorite accounts on SoundCloud]

Must Listen: aquela demo de verão com acapella em aramaico.wav


68. VHOOR - Baile & Bass

[A mellow throwback to the undeniable Miami Bass influence of baile funk coming from one of Belo Horizonte's best producers]

Must Listen: Arp

Bandcamp | Apple Music | Spotify

67.  Yayoyanoh - S/T

[A highly-awaited debut full length from one of my favorite artists of the last few years, where he meshes dancehall and afrobeats with internet futurism to perfection]

Must Listen: Top Mali

Bandcamp | Apple Music | Spotify

66. Duwap Kaine - Family Guy

[One of the many incredible releases from one of hip hop's best, which is surprisingly one of his most emotional releases to date, despite the absurd cover art]

Must Listen: Pain in a Faygo

Apple Music | Spotify

65. Dj Narciso - Me Vs Me

[One of the many producers who has contributed to one of batida's greatest years in a while, as this this is fogo on fogo on fogo]

Must Listen: Azar Ou Sorte


64. Billy Woods - Aethiopes

[Some of the most incredible ideas in hip hop this year coming from of the greatest minds of the last decade]

Must Listen: No Hard Feelings

Bandcamp | Apple Music | Spotify

63. FweaGoJit - 2 La Jit

[A much-needed album for the incredibly underrated SoFlo Jook scene as FweaGoJit is one of the flagbearer figures of this Florida regional dance culture]

Must Listen: Touch It Turn It

SoundCloud | Bandcamp | Apple Music | Spotify

62. Surf Gang - AT LEAST WE TRIED

[A beautiful swan song from one of the most important rap collectives of the last few years, which has some of the greatest ever work]


SoundCloud | Apple Music | Spotify

61. Krallice - Psychagogue

[One of metal's most interesting bands still proving that they make some of the most mind-boggling shit in the genre]

Must Listen: Psychagogue

Bandcamp | Youtube

60. 454 - FAST TRAX 3

[Another incredible bunch of energized loosies from one of Florida's most promising artists]


SoundCloud | Apple Music | Spotify

59. xaviersobased - and when

[More dreamy internet futurism from one of the greatest minds ever to grace SoundCloud]

Must Listen: sabado gigante

SoundCloud | Apple Music | Spotify

58. LilC4 - So Much Too Say But Nahh

[Jersey Club star's greatest ever release, as it serves a perfect balance of inventive club beats and hard-hitting club rap]

Must Listen: Move Like Me ft Khori 

SoundCloud | Apple Music | Spotify

57. Burial - Streetlands EP

[Burial might not ever make a drum pattern ever again and I think I'm perfectly fine with it]

Must Listen: Hospital Chapel

Bandcamp | Apple Music | Spotify

56. Earl Sweatshirt - Sick!

[Another perfectly-lengthed abstract statement from one of hip hop's best, further proving he's stil one of most creative artists in the world]

Must Listen: 2010

Apple Music | Spotify

55. Digga D - Noughty By Nature

[A surprisingly consistent and varied release from one of UK Drill's biggest stars which has some of the most random US features I've seen for a UK rapper,  including Moneybagg Yo, Hotboii, and B Lovee]

Must Listen: Load Up

Youtube | Apple Music | Spotify

54. Devin Morrison - Dream Lobby Collection

[A 6 volume overview of Dreamsoul, the brain child of one of R&B's best current artists]

Must Listen: I'd say start from the first, and then go in order to see how you feel

Volumes: I | II | III | IV | V | VI

53. Kerchak - Confiance

[A well-welcomed French interpretation of the club rap craze that has some of the best energy I have seen from anyone doing this shit]

Must Listen: Tarzan

Youtube | Apple Music | Spotify

52. Homixide Gang - Homixide Lifestyle

[Rage Sremmurd]

Must Listen: Lifestyle

SoundCloud | Apple Music | Spotify

51. teklife - ON LIFE Volume 3

[Another incredible comp from electronic music's greatest ever collectives]


Bandcamp | Apple Music | Spotify

50. Mizmor & Thou - Myopia

[Crushing auditory hell and gloom from 2 of metal's best acts right now]

Must Listen: Drover of Man

Bandcamp | Apple Music | Spotify

49. st47ic - SCREAMING DISCO

[An alien look into the world of SoundCloud's most underrated artists; Swag rap from another dimension]


Soundcloud | Spotify

48. DJ TOBZY IMOLE GIWA - Cruise Beat Album

[A premier look at freebeat/cruise, a Lagos-based dance genre that has been blowing up as of late]



47. Retro J - SKYPE

[One of Jersey Club's hottest producers showcasing his one-of-a-kind style in his most mature release to date]

Must Listen: Zoom Zoom ft Mcvertt

SoundCloud | Apple Music | Spotify

46. Ashenspire - Hostile Architecture

[Angry Scottish man loses his mind over chonky avant garde metal riffs and beautiful instrumentation]


Bandcamp | Apple Music | Spotify

45. Shaudy Kash x Top$ide - On The Yeah Side

[The smoothest thing you will hear from Detroit this year, thanks to one of the best producers in the world right now]

Must Listen: Top$ide freestyle

SoundCloud | Apple Music | Spotify


[The magician of Sao Paulo making some of the strangest dance music I have heard from anywhere this year]


Youtube | Apple Music | Spotify

43. Soul Glo - Diaspora Problems

[The best punk has been in a very very very long time]


Bandcamp | Apple Music | Spotify


[More weirdly unsettling plunderphonic-heavy hip hop from one of my favorite enigmatic artists right now out of Detroit]

Must Listen: GLADIATOR

Bandcamp | Apple Music | Spotify

41. Cities Aviv - MAN PLAYS THE HORN

[A 26 track epic from one of rap's best geniuses right now that constantly astounds me for the entire 90 minute run time]

Must Listen: Ways of The World

Bandcamp | Apple Music | Spotify

40. Duwap Kaine - Underdog 3

[Another Duwap x Nine9 link up that completes a trilogy of some of the greatest mixtapes of the last few years]

Must Listen: BloodLine

SoundCloud | Apple Music | Spotify

39. Keiji Haino & SUMAC - Into this juvenile apocalypse our golden blood to pour let us never

[Hardest band gets with hardest old man to make more sludgy improv insanity; crazy ass song titles]

Must Listen: That fuzz pedal you planted in your throat, its screw has started to come loose Your next effects pedal is up to you do you have it ready?

Bandcamp | Apple Music | Spotify

38. Saturno 2000 - La Rebajada de Los Sonideros 1962 - 1983

[A collection of "rebajadas" which is a Mexican slowed and throwed approach to Latin American cubia where they almost have a old dub record warmness to them; Insane]

Must Listen: JUNIOR Y SU EQUIPO - La Borrachita

Bandcamp | Apple Music | Spotify

37. Death Is Not The End - Pure Wicked Tune: Rare Groove Blues Dances & House Parties, 1985-1992

[An incredible collage of clips from DIY mixtapes used a various London house parties throughout the late 80s and early 90s; Crazy time machine]

Must Listen: Pure Wicked Tune


36. Knoll - Metempiric

[Guttural and inhuman deathgrind from one of extreme music's most promising acts]

Must Listen: Marred Alb

Bandcamp | Apple Music | Spotify

35. Certified Trapper - Spin Da Block

[One of many surreal self-produced releases from the King of Slap City; Milwaukee's finest]

Must Listen: Toot That Up

Apple Music | Spotify

34. Hudson Mohawke - Cry Sugar

[Some of the craziest tunes in the Scotman's vast repertoire, showcasing the impeccable chops of one of electronic music's best]

Must Listen: Cry Sugar Megamix (Incredibly well made video)

Bandcamp | Apple Music | Spotify

33. Billy G - billy.exe

[An underrated gem from batida's stupidly talented scene, ranging from mellow to earth-scorching]

Must Listen: PARANA 50%

SoundCloud | Bandcamp | Apple Music | Spotify

32. Asian Doll - Let's Do A Drill

[One of the most fun (and hardest) records you will hear from anyone this year; Bangers upon bangers upon bangers]

Must Listen: Rock ft. 2Rare and Dsturdy

Youtube | Apple Music | Spotify

31. RealYungPhil - Dr. Philvinci

[A Dylvinci and Evilgiane masterclass headed by one of SoundCloud's best rappers]

Must Listen: Diamonds

SoundCloud | Apple Music | Spotify

30. Nia Archives - Forbidden Feelingz

[Hypnotic jungle/dnb from a future star that makes me want to put on a tracksuit and trainers immediately]

Must Listen: 18 & Over

Bandcamp | Apple Music | Spotify

29. Death Is Not The End - Pause for the Cause: London Rave Adverts 1991​-​1996, Vol. 2

[Similar to the other Death Is Not The End release at #37, but this time a look into the London rave scene of the early 90s, as these rave "ad-breaks" serve a glimpse at one of the coolest times in music]

Must Listen: Club Booyaka


28. Artificial Brain - Artificial Brain

[Another round of murky and spacey goodness from one of the best death metal bands around; The more dissonance, the better]

Must Listen: Celestial Cyst

Bandcamp | Apple Music | Spotify

27. Sam Gendel - blueblue

[Light and dreamily comfy croons from one of the saxophone's best current technicians]

Must Listen: Yarai

Bandcamp | Apple Music | Spotify


[A beautiful gumbo of numerous electronic influences, ranging from dubstep, to dembow, to dub, to garage, and so much more]

Must Listen: POLVO

Bandcamp | Apple Music | Spotify

25. Top$ide - Lost Files

[A Detroit All-Star Weekend starring the one of the best producers in the game right now]

Must Listen: Heartbreak Ave ft Babyface Ray

SoundCloud | Apple Music | Spotify

24. Voice Actor - Sent From My Telephone

[100+ tracks of insanity that really leans into that ambient pop/hip hop style ala Blunt/Ferraro; Incredible and unique, despite the insane runtime]

Must Listen: Camden

Bandcamp | Apple Music | Spotify


[A very important release in the advancement of the club rap craze that really showcases the one-of-one crazy (hehe) energy of Philly thanks to DJ Crazy's absurd beats]

Must Listen: Shake It ft. PHILLY GOATS

Youtube | Apple Music | Spotify

22. Colin Stetson - Chim​æ​ra I

[Four words is all you need: COLIN. STETSON. DRONE. ALBUM.]

Must Listen: Every damn second of this

Bandcamp | Apple Music | Spotify

21. KMRU - epoch

[Gorgeous and meditative bliss from one of ambient's current crowning jewels]

Must Listen: mood

Bandcamp | Apple Music | Spotify

20. DJ Danifox - Dia N​ã​o Mata Dia 

[A very natural and more instrumental-based approach to batida from one of Principe's best working artists]

Must Listen: Sanidade

Bandcamp | Apple Music | Spotify

19. Shawny Binladen - Wick City (Deluxe)

[The mayor of Wick City showing who is still one of the best rappers in New York right now]

Must Listen: Shark Muzik

Apple Music | Spotify

18. Duwap Kaine - Faith Like Esther

[The best Duwap release of the year, in my opinion, as it has some of his most inventive and best songs, showing who's the king of this rap shit right now; A young legend]

Must Listen: #MOOD

SoundCloud | Apple Music | Spotify

17. Liturgy - As the Blood of God Bursts the Veins of Time

[One of extreme music's most interesting and compelling artists for the last decade gives us a sneak peak at 2023's album of the year by making more batshit insane metal music]

Must Listen: 36

Bandcamp | Spotify

16. Wormrot - Hiss

[One of grindcore's greatest ever acts makes their best release to date, which is a constant barrage of hellish rage that disintegrates any mortal's mind]

Must Listen: Voiceless Choir

Bandcamp | Apple Music | Spotify

15. Lucy & Gods Wisdom - February Motel

[An out-of-nowhere release from Western Mass's resident pop weirdos and former DARK WORLD members, which has out-of-nowhere collabs with folks like Hi-C and Evilgiane]

Must Listen: if the stars align

Youtube | Apple Music | Spotify

14. El Alfa "El Jefe" - SAGITARIO

[The Dembow king makes probably the most varied and quality full release in the entire genre; Loads of insane innovation that only can be done by El Alfa]

Must Listen: Curazao ft. Farruko (Song of the Year 2021)

Youtube | Apple Music | Spotify




13. Julmud جُلْمود - Tuqoos | طُقُوس

[One of 2022's most unique and imaginative experiences, as the Palestine native creates some of the rawest and most compelling music I have seen come out of the Middle East in quite some time]

Must Listen: Juwway

Bandcamp | Spotify

12. YoungBoy Never Broke Again - 3800 Degrees

[A Louisiana love letter from already one of hip hops greatest ever troubadours, as this might be his best and most concise release in a very long time]

Must Listen: Won't Step On Me

Youtube | Apple Music | Spotify

11. DJ Scriby // DJ Marillo // DJ Skothan // - The Gqom Trilogy 

[A 3 part gqom extravaganza from out there in Durban that shows why this is still one of the hottest genres in the world - A must listen for anyone interested or unfamiliar with this scene]

Must Listen: DJ Skothan - Qhafaza


10. xaviersobased - install

[The current based king of the underground making music that makes me so fucking excited and hopeful for the future of internet music and SoundCloud]

Must Listen: classist

SoundCloud | Apple Music | Spotify

9. qua - Hasbulla ep

[A glimpse at what Jersey Club music will sound like in 20 years, as this is like nothing you have ever heard before; Full of hazy and mysterious avant garde textures that is met with some of the most absurd sampling I have seen from anyone in any genre this year; qua is the fucking future]

Must Listen: love galore 2 ft. HaZeTheProducer


8. Chuquimamani-Condori - Rayo Mix 2022

[A mesmerizing mix from Elysia Crampton that flew under many people's radars in my opinion, but this is 50 minutes of some of the most unique mashups I have ever heard, as it mixes different well-known tunes with more traditional and indigenous styles that they are so revered for; Still one of the greatest ever to do it] 

SoundCloud | Youtube

7. KMRU & Aho Ssan - Limen

[Mammoth sounds from another world that will literally melt your fucking face off if you have it loud enough; Good fucking lord, I still can't get enough of this one]

Must Listen: Resurgence

Bandcamp | Apple Music | Spotify

6. islurwhenitalk - Pink

[SoundCloud's prime evil genius makes an indecipherable and futuristic mess that sounds like it's coming from 2070; There's no one like slur, and there probably will never be anyone like him]

Must Listen: Money & Weed

Soundcloud | Spotify


5. tisaKOREAN - 1st Round Pick

[The Sultan of Silly makes the best 10 minutes of music out of anyone this year with this NFL-influenced tape chock-full of swagger and silliness]


Apple Music | Spotify 

4. SteezTheProducer - '22 Album

[The pinnacle of what Jersey Club music truly is and a pure exhibition of possibly the greatest producer throughout the storied history of this young, unique culture; An absolute must for anyone who says they love this music]

Must Listen: Shit, all of them, but check out Get My Gun if you pressed on time


3. Cash Cobain & Chow Lee - 2 Slizzy 2 Sexy (Deluxe)

[2 of the horniest men in America make the funnest rap record I have heard in quite some time; A Cash Cobain magnum opus of incredible sample drill/club rap]

Must Listen: JHOLIDAY

Youtube | Apple Music | Spotify

2. Kali Malone - Living Torch

[An otherworldly, almost spiritual-like, experience that feels like a monolithic angel slowly raining down upon earth; Kali is for real one of one and can be already considered as one of the greats]


Bandcamp | Apple Music | Spotify

1. DJ Travella - Mr Mixondo

[A true rockstar for 2022, as this Tanzanian teenager has made quite possibly the greatest singeli album ever since the earth-shattering introduction that was given to the Western world with Sounds of Sisso back in 2017; He maintains that signature break-neck speed and sound that singeli is so well known for, but he adds in multiple outside influences that makes this so ground breaking; Sounds of the future for the future]

Must Listen: Chapa Bakola Music Bass

Bandcamp | Apple Music | Spotify


Well, there's that! Hope you enjoyed the list, and apologies for not getting super in-depth with them like I had originally intended, but I hope you were able to find something new! Hope you all have a wonderful rest of your holiday and here's to 2023!!!