billdifferen's top 100 jersey club songs of 2022


Seriously, this the best time of the year, as music lovers all over the world get to share how much they all love the same 20 songs and albums, but here at, we do things a little differently. To make up for all of the lost time that I didn't get to write this year, I decided to come up with 4 GIGANTIC end-of-year lists that showcase some of the best music scenes in the world, and today, we have our first one of the season, as we are heading to the East Coast to see what the hell is going on over there in Jersey. 

I'll keep this short because we have A LOT to cover today, but Jersey Club has easily been one of the hottest music crazes of 2022. From its constant, viral emergence on TikTok, to its boom in the rap scene, there has been so many different things that have really elevated this genre into new heights. While yeah, these music places are gonna rave about club rap on all of these lists, and will still just talk about Drake for some fucked up reason, I decided to really showcase the best part of this music, and that is THE PRODUCERS. Jersey Club is really a music community that thrives on SoundCloud, and I've use psycho-music-loving abilities to make a list of ONE-HUNDRED of my favorite club songs from throughout the year. From the viral hits, to the old-school vibes, to the absolutely fucked-up, I wanted to show you how varied and advanced this genre is at the moment, so grab a nice comfy chair, ask for a 7 hour lunch break, and get ready for some of the craziest music in the world. 

If you're interested in having all of this in a singular playlist, here is a link to a SoundCloud playlist of every song mentioned here. Also I did upload it to Mega as well, for anyone interested in that too.  If you want even MORE Jersey Club from this year, here is a much larger folder of stuff that you should check out.

Also, one last note before we begin, whenever you scroll down and see a SoundCloud embed that looks blank like this:

First, yes I probably just broke the website, and second, just know that there is indeed a fix, and that is done by refreshing the page a couple of times and then all of those embeds should pop up fine for your convenience.

Other than that, it is now time for the


100. OmgAddy x sadical - CHOIR CYPHER

Starting off with a slick collab between club regulars OmgAddy and totallysadical where they demolish this lingering drone sample to no end. The real highlight here is sadical's part where he throws in these retro Pac-Man samples and gives them new life, as it changes the whole dynamic of the tune immediately. Just a great one that showcases the variation of styles with these producers.

99. LilCanada - "Why You Got Gun"

When it comes to sampling in Jersey Club, it's for real like choosing something from the biggest hat that's ever been created. Jersey's LilCanada proves that my crazy delusion is true by sampling one of the funniest sketches from the very underrated Odd Future classic, Loiter Squad, where Earl is doing Beyond Scared Straight on those dumbass kids. Hearing these fat horns accompany Earl going "Why You Got Necklace" and "IT SMELL LIKE BITCH IN HERE" feels like a surreal fever dream but it works so well. The transition into the last part is so damn funny too lmao.

98. Da.waune x JayTheMixer - BandGeeks

Speaking of ridiculous samples.... Here you have easily 2 of the most underrated producers in this whole scene: Jersey City natives Da.waune and JayTheMixer put the finale to the Spongebob classic "Band Geeks" through hell and back, where they make this harmoniously kinetic rush of energy that is just nonstop throughout. The various Spongebob samples being met with the occasional appearance of the legendary late 00's Dallas anthem "Do the Ricky Bobby" makes this one really hard not to skip. Whenever you see a song with these 2 together, it's always a must-listen. 

97. B Goodie - Milkshake

There's an unfathomable amount of Jersey Club producers around today, however, there's only a select few who are considered as the best in the game. Deservedly so, one of those select few is Irvington's B Goodie, someone who I think is currently one of the main flagbearers of this entire scene. He somehow does not know how to not make a hit, whether he wants to delete them or not. It's really like watching a 3-point specialist make 40 foot heat checks every single time - It's like he has this shit on easy mode. Here, the way he has Kelis malfunctioning on top of this brainwashing groove that only B Goodie could make is just fucking ridiculous. One of one.

96. HaZeTheProducer X SteezTheProducer X Qua X Ca1eb X @2napps X Vondtb - YEAHHHH

Alright, well I think this is the first really "out there" one so I guess cover your ears if you're a lil bitch, but here, we got 6 of the most batshit insane producers turning Lil Jon into a nuclear weapon that could wreak havoc on the entire planet if put into the wrong hands. Sure, I can understand the complaints about this shit - It's just 5 minutes of indecipherable samples at first glance, but it's the way these dudes make something that's surprisingly unique and coherent when looking through the haze that makes this one of the best styles in Jersey Club. How they describe the approach is that they are "flowing," hence the FlowGodz tag, but they are manipulating these samples in such a way where you have these unique flows and rhythms that come out as a result. It almost feels like Jazz grooves but if it was in hell. Super unique and otherworldly shit.


I mean the title is worth you just clicking on the link alone, but I think 2 producers that have really shined this year is Miami's LilSnatched and Linden, New Jersey's PURR.XD. They both have some of the most chaotic energies in club music, and this Peppa Pig remix proves that rightfully so. The intro melody sounds like your having your head being drilled in space and then that lil British pig comes in blown out with their bullshit and then suddenly you start having psychosis. God help us all.

94. Anthem Gxdz On The Level Megalab 

I think remixing Mac and Cheese Demarco is a great evil that has been inflicted onto our planet, but I do have to say that this shit goes stupid. The "Bop It" and "Boogie" samples are irresistable and I still can't believe they remixed this stupid fucking Canadian. Shout out LilSnatched and Anthem Gxdz though - One of the best crews in club music.


There's a reason why the pirate on the intro to SpongeBob can't hear, and it's because of this fucking song. Everyone's part gets increasingly more insane, and Purr ends it off with one of the most ridiculous parts to any Jersey Club song I've heard this year. Like go get some earplugs at the Home Depot, stick them bitches in your ears, and then put your headphones on to enjoy this one


Was 7 minute tunes made by internet-poisoned teenagers that revolved around Five Nights at Freddys cartoons on your bingo card for this list? Sure it was. But for real, there's a lot of really great parts here. Buffalo's hozz and Jersey's deskrat are some of the best newcomers to club music this year, plus New York's Chillz still has one of the best sounds right now. I know too much about this shit man...

91. SteezTheProducer - "Bad Habit" (Jersey Club) 

Sure, the people at Steve Lacy's shows don't know how his songs go because they didn't even think people on the phone were real, but what matters here is that a Steez remix of this song exists. If you don't already know, I think this dude is the best Jersey Club producer around, and it's been that way for a while now. He's still evolving his sound, but no matter what, that over-the-top feeling to Steez's tunes has always remained. This one has blown up a bit on Tiktok, thanks to the Philly Goats, but it shows how this dude can make a hit out of anything. Groovy.

90. wolfrum -  glacier boyden dance. 

Easily, the best producer that isn't from Jersey is Georgia's wolfrum, someone whose exponential growth this year has been one of the genre's best developments. The way they take these airy and ambient soundscapes and inject these B-Goodie-like grooves like in this song makes them still one of the most promising producers in club music. It really feels like you're sharp bouncing in Antarctica with 30 Canada Gooses on.

89. $icko Music  - ANONYMOUS 

If Jersey Club had a Rookie of the Year voting system, then Jersey's $icko Music would easily be the unanimous winner by a long shot. This dude came out of fucking NOWHERE - Like he's been waiting patiently for the right time to strike, because god damn he's been at 150% from the start. Here, "ANONYMOUS" is just breakneck from beginning to end - The samples and breaks are endless and nonstop, you can't stop moving around, and you're just sitting there wondering how the fuck did this dude come up with this. We should be seriously scared of this dude, because it's been 4 months since we last heard from them, and god only knows when he'll strike us down again.

88. JayTheMixer x $icko Music - HIT EM!

JayTheMixer and $icko link up here with a great collab that utilizes this really smooth piano chord sequence, but it's the rook who shines here with this intoxicating groove that is elevated by these crisp hi-hat hits that I can't get enough of. Getting super PS2 racing game menu music vibes from this one.

87. deskrat x raverobber x pinkmouse - "let's brawl"

 The internet has made Jersey Club music quite a hot commodity outside of the regular Jersey circles over the past year, as a lot of younger internet-addicted kids are joining in on the fun, whether it's the hyperactive internet collective TwerkNation28 breathing new digitized life into the old club sound or some random dude in Iowa trying to rock it to the new Uzi song on TikTok. There have been a few producers in those mammoth circles who have actually broken out and made something of their own, like for example, these 3 right here. Anthem Gxdz's members deskrat and raverobber, plus fellow collaborator pinkmouse (aka steej/gingus) have found a sweet spot between the internet-poisoned realm and real-shit realm of club music, as this 3 player Smash Bros battle has some really stellar and inventive ideas coming from artists so new to the genre. Some names to keep your eye on for 2023.  

86. Groove TheProducer  - The Game

Without a doubt, the greatest ever club song to sample Triple H and Motorhead. Dude what the fuck lmao. 

85. Burto x Von x Steez - Drake & Josh

This shit just doesn't stop man. Burto, Von, and Steez tear apart the Drake and Josh intro music into oblivion where you got the earnest and sincere theme being bombarded by frantic drill hi-hat patterns, ear-vaporizing 808s, and even 8 Mile samples? Man, I just don't know anymore - This shit is hell 😭


84. DJ Bake Ft Kilsosouth - Soulful Hips

Here, you have a collab between 2 Jersey veterans, DJ Bake and KilSoSouth, as they revive the DJ Jayhood/DJ Joker classic "Hands On Ya Hips" and give it a much deserved remix 11 years later. The tune is smoothly nostalgic and feels very celebratory in a way - Just super positive and uplifting. If it sounds familiar to you, yes, Bandmanrill did rap on this and did the beat justice (Also, y'all remember when I wrote about that on Pitchfork on some MakeAWish shit LMAOOOO)

83. GavinTheProducer - Girl You Know I

Jersey's GavinTheProducer is one of the most promising young talents in the scene right now, and this adrenaline-shot-to-the-chest reimagining of the Lenny Williams classic proves that greatly, as this tune makes me feel like I'm on one of the G-force training centrifuges and my face is slowly melting away. It's constantly kinetic, gets you out of breath immediately, and will make you go take a much needed 5 minute break afterwards. Don't worry you got time 😂


I predicted this late last year, but seeing Newark's MCVERTT turn into a star in 2022 has been one of my favorite things to witness. From being possibly the most vital part of the club rap boom that has taken over the world with the dynamic duo nature of him and Bandmanrill to having one of the hottest songs in the entire planet with Lil Uzi Vert, it was only a matter of time Vertt would reach this stardom. He was made for this shit. He still doesn't know how to not make a hit though as this Euphoria meets Cochise Tiktok earworm remix is just another heater he can add to his repertoire. It has that signature Vertt sound, where it sounds like he's doing an Irish jig on your head, and he never lets off the throttle on this shit.

81. TangTheProducer - Telephone Man 2

Now this one is like if you took New Edition, put them all on one of these crazy fast ass contraptions that Will E Coyote would disintegrate himself on, and just let it rip. Tang is only 14 years old, but this year, he has made a HUGE step up in his sound, as the younger brother of LilCanada has finally made a name for himself in the club scene. This entire tune is just breakneck and frantic, and whenever he throws that abrupt slowdown in the middle, you feel actual g-forces being applied to your ears. God damn I need a breather after this one.

80. NassieTheProducer - Workin Dat Back 🔥🍑 (Twerk Anthem)

Newark's NassieTheProducer is a seasoned vet in the Jersey Club scene, as he's put out numerous bangers throughout the years. Here, compared to most of the chaos that you've seen so far, this tune is a lot more traditional and "old school," but it's just so damn smooth. The vocal chops here are so precise and groovy, the melody feels like it should accompany a picture of people in snapbacks, and by the end of it, you are either one of the people on the album cover. 

79. Dre Cannon - 2022 Tanging Ain’t Dead Cypher

Sure, Dre Cannon is from Jersey, but this tune is Philly through and through. It has that signature speed and forcefulness of the Philly legends Dollarboyz, and just makes you want to flail your arms around, thinking you actually know how to tang. Dre is seriously a super underrated club producer that is totally deserved of a deep dive. Need some valium after this one


Jersey City's LETSGOYANII is easily the crown jewel of the prominent Lab Sisterz crew, as she is seriously one of more inventive producers in club music right now. Here, they utilize this constant sample of this person taking quick, deep breaths, almost to the point where it sounds like they are hyperventilating, and they throw in short bursts of Cassie and other familiar club samples to make this smooth, yet still anxiety-ridden experience.

77. Dj Darknite - Back Stabbers ( Darknite Remix)

I don't think there's anything that's been released this year more old-school than Jersey City native DJ Darknite's remix of "Back Stabber" by The O'Jays, something that TikTok has eternally etched into my brain. Seriously though, the first time I heard this song, my jaw fucking dropped. Not even joking - this is one of the craziest flips I have heard in a good while. Bringing in vocals from "Papa Was a Rolling Stone" and the easily recognizable bleep bloops from Cybotron's "Clear" only adds to this insane experience. Like oh my GOD, I really can't stop listening to this one. It feels like some alternate universe version of the 70s/80s where modern club music existed and your parents were dancing to this shit. I also highly recommend his album from this year Sounds of a Menace - lots of really good remixes in this similar vein. 

76. Ca1eb X HaZe - Stomp Em Out Cypher

Now we're going from old school to 8000 years in the future. This is just so fucking out there.... Anything with HaZe just invites chaos, but this collab with Ca1eb is so dissonant, overblown, and just plain fucking insane - It's probably one of the most insane songs that you will see on here. God help us all. 

75. HaZe x Steez - Scary Movie 2

Steez and Haze really might be the best duo in Jersey club. Each collab of theirs sounds like they are trying to outdo each other to see who is the most insane person on earth. Here, they take clips from Scary Movie and smother it in this vat of glitchy and complex drum patterns/melodies. It'll have you saying WASSUPPPP like if you stuck your finger in an electrical socket.

74. Mvntana - Best Of Me

Mvntana is seriously one of most important producers in club music, as he's been a frequently important flagbearer of the culture for almost a decade now. He's still going strong today, and that can be easily seen by this remix of Mya's "Best of Me," which makes the original sound almost unrecognizable, as Mvntana speeds it up greatly and injects the 20+ year old classic with an uncomfortable amount of bass and energy. It's just so damn good.

73. Da.waune x Burto - Super Saiyan

Basing an entire song on Goku turning Super Saiyan is something you can only experience with Jersey Club. Da.waune gets it started with the getting Goku ready, but it's Burto's part where he blows out your speakers with that earth-shattering bass that the Miami native uses so frequently. Your hair will turn gold after this one.

72. ReidMD - What Happened To Virgil 

Found this random tune on TikTok one time, but I really haven't been able to stop listening to this Durk remix. It takes the touching tribute and turns it into something those dudes on YouTube who drive Hellcats on Roblox would listen to. It's frantic and gets you moving immediately. Also, anything to post this gif...

71. Static2fed - break’n my heart

Jersey Club mixes are just slightly different from standard club tunes, as these producers are utilizing already established club songs and mashing them with other genres. One of the best Jersey Club mixers is Jersey's Static2fed, as he has made this shit an art over the last year or so. The way he demolishes this Mint Condition tune and turns it into this anxiety-inducing barrage of 180+ bpm hell is just ridiculous. Probably to some of y'all, the mixing sounds easy, but it sure is hell not simple to find things in order to meld something this cohesively. Virtual DJ is not saving your ass here, mine included.

70. LilSnatched x AyooLyve - Kids Next Door

I mean it's the fucking Kids Next Door's theme, like come on. I can't really think of anything else to convince you to check this one out. Just do it without hesitation.


 I think I've said this before in a previous list, but you can sample the worst fucking abomination on the face of the planet in a club tune and all of sudden, it becomes a masterpiece. That can be seen with this remix of this weird Tiktok song designed for edgy teenagers from hozz and Tang. These 2 have really stepped up this year, despite being so young and new in the genre, but they really have the chops to hang with anybody. Hozz sets the precedent from the start, but Tang loses his damn mind here with these crisply calculated chops that disintegrate my brain. Ridiculous.


Over the last year or two, the HBK sound has become one of the more distinguishable styles around, as that gun-click-and-whip-heavy, frantically blown-out sound is one of the hardest hitting things to coming out of club music. The HBK crew would be nothing without producers PURR and FINATIC, as they are the ones who had really pushed this sound to its limits. While PURR has strayed away and made their own unique style, plus FINATIC has focused more on rap,  the PURRNATIC tag-team is still no joke, as seen here, because this shit is just at your neck from the start. Your ears turn into a speedbag as soon as you hear the first "LISTEN" and you just let the combos tear you apart.

67. LilSnatched_ x HbkMark x Camfrm732 - My Everything

Man, this Mary J flip is absolutely insane, as Anthem Gxdz members LilSnatched, HBK MARK, and Camfrm732 make a tune that's like a pogo stick the entire time - the bounce here is insane. The "jump like" sample that's used throughout here is a big driving force to that irresistible bounce; it's almost mind-controlling. This tune has benefited greatly from Tiktok, as I've seen this song so many times on there - there were even kids dancing to it in VR games for christ's sake. What a world we live in lmao.

66. Steez - who shot ya pt 3. (flowmix)

Listen, I'm over there on SoundCloud searching for Steez tracks like I'm just got a job at the Hunting Channel. This dude never fails to amaze me, and more recently, he created an archive channel to showcase some throwaways of his, and this one seriously sounds like it's being made on a spaceship - it's insane. Biggie sounds like he's being thrown in the 5th dimension, the background melody is floating ominously over everything, and it almost feels uneasy at times, something only Steez could do. He's prolly for real a lizard person from Jersey on Earth 2 running laps around everyone else, as nothing surprises me anymore.

65. jayisfed x 2napps x qua - make it rain

Some other potential Jersey lizard people are easily these 3 right here. This quick collab from JayIsFed, 2napps, and qua has Lil Wayne malfunctioning more than a Tesla, while this overdriven, chorus-drowned piano line is played throughout. The chops and flows here are crazy, the little glimpses of other samples sprinkled in are surreal, and it is just out of this world. Outlaws are seriously a group of producers that you need to keep your eye on come 2023.

64. LilC4 - Ghetto Jersey

LilC4 is seriously one of the greatest to do it. 2022 feels like his best year in a while too, as both So Much Too Say But Nahh and POPULAR LONER are some of the best full releases coming from the genre this year. Here with "Ghetto Jersey" from the first album, LilC4 revives an Akon classic and gives it that unique Jersey touch. You just immediately start moving once those booming drums come in and then by the end, you already slipped on your pool of sweat and tore your ACL. All in all, his sound is seriously one of the most timeless in all of Jersey Club and I feel like his work will age like the finest wine when time goes on.

63. Lilsnatched x Jayisfed - Last Night

Anything Miami's Lilsnatched touches seriously turns into gold. She has emerged as one of the top club producers around, as Snatched's 2022 was huge, getting lots of love on Tiktok (1 BILLION VIEWS GODDAMN) due to just how addicting and damn good their songs are. With this tune, her and Jersey's JayIsFed turn this Diddy song into something he would listen to if he went skiing and put on a fedora (true story). Just a stupid amount of energy throughout that showcases how much of a hitmaker Lilsnatched is.

62. ChillzNYC x bumpin - skullgirls

Chillz and Bumpin are a top 5 duo in Jersey Club - like they seriously cannot miss together. Here they take a 2016 Lord Fubu remix of a Clara La San song (real mid 2010s vibe here) and then they mash it up with that Skullgirls video game? Man, in the words of Kevin Garnett, anything is possibleeeeee. But seriously, this song is so good, as it mixes those fighting game characters with other random samples like Lil Baby saying "No hablo ingles" or Sonic the Hedgehog and throws it all on top of that melody that screams "it's 2012 and I just listened to Tycho while staring at the sunset." Super great collab between these two once again.

61. Steez - "Sonic 06" Cypher 

I funnily mentioned Sonic in that last tune, but here Steez once again shows why he's the best in the world, as he makes Sonic sound like he's running through the 5th circle of Hell. The melodies here seriously sound like final boss music, there's random yells and screams trying to break through the chaos, and it feels like everything is just falling apart throughout. Just nothing but inventive genius here from Steezo, a common theme of this entire list so far...


There's many times where I listen to Jersey Club and just I thank the lord for it existing, and this Enya remix is one of those precious moments. It just leaves you baffled and speechless, as you just constantly think "How the fuck" and start googling "How do I send this to Enya through the mail." This shit is a surreal gift, so shout out LilB The Producer out in Passaic, New Jersey.  


Here, LETSGOYANII is back and she just demolishes this Luda anthem. The groove she creates is unstoppable and has you falling out of your chair like Vince McMahon. One of the most underrated producers in the state.

58. zgtheproducer x lilcanada - ”love comes down”

Newark's ZGTHEPRODUCER teams up with LilCanada here to make an exhilarating remix to the Evelyn King classic, as it sounds almost unrecognizable to the original. The almost 200 bpm tempo, coupled with an assault of samples from every single direction makes it feel like you need to wear a helmet to enjoy this. Then that last bit with Canada (the producer, not the country) stripping every back to blow out your speakers is so damn good.

57. qua - crime mob

qua is really shaping up to be one of Jersey's best producers, as he has turned into a straight-up magician this year. While his sound is very left-field like his contemporaries Steez, Haze, and 2napps, he has really carved his own entire sound too much to be called a baby version of them anymore. All of his music sounds it is being beamed from another galaxy, and here, qua has Crime Mob sounding like they actually came from 2122, as they are so drowned out by these reversed synth lines that sound like they've been summoned instead of played in their DAW. The little intricacies in qua's chopping is so impressive too, as you are hearing something new in each line, leaving you impressed until the end. The future for real...


Jersey's DJ SUPERIORJAY really knows how to make smooth shit, and this remix of a Victoria Monet song is smoother than the brains of the people I see on Twitter. It's fast-paced and going off the rails, as Monet's airy and high-pitched voice is gilded with chaos throughout the remix. And then this man has the audacity to throw in the Daft Punk Technologic sample for good measure as the KO punch. Damn. An ass whooping for sure.

55. DJ Taj x DJ Tricks - I Took the Top Off (Jersey Club)

This Gunna remix is pretty straight forward, but it just shows how damn good of a producer Jersey's DJ Taj is and has been over the years. It's quite traditional and old-school, compared to most of the stuff that's been shown here, but that does not deter how much you want to move to this shit. A heater. 

54. Dre Cannon x LilCanada - Dexter’s Ultimate Laboratory

Cannon and Canada team up to make an absolutely ridiculous tune that bars D4L against the cast of Dexter's Laboratory, as Dexter, Dee Dee, and Mandark are all being chopped up over this very dramatic ensemble of string-like instruments. But, it's the pop-ups of D4L yelling "UH HUH HUH" and "CHICK O STICK" that really complete this tune. Just a pure "What the Fuck" moment that I love.

53. $icko Music - GOLD ROSES

$icko Music man.... Like I said earlier this dude came out of absolute nowhere this year, but he has seriously turned into one of the best producers around, in terms of ambience and just pure production skills. Since the start, he's put out incredibly stellar tunes, and "GOLD ROSES" is really one of the standouts from him, as it feels so grandiose, like bright lights illuminating a dark, cold street. When he really starts chopping it up, you just start getting wide-eyed and bopping your head, but it's never too too much to the point where it's overwhelming, like most of those speaker-breaking songs. $icko really is like a surgeon, as he structures all of his chops and sample with such technical finesse - It's mindboggling hearing it in action. Just super impressive.

52. AyooLyve - RockStars 2

Listen, I am not describing anything about this tune, because I want you to go into this with no expectations. One of the most absurd songs and sequences of samples I have ever heard - God Bless Jersey


Taking Denzel from Training Day and turning it into this end-of-the-world-sounding song is something Rahway's LEAKTHEDJ could only do. The melodies here feel like there's a massive battle taking place during a drearily foggy night. But, this is just absurd - When it got to the part where he started throwing in the "Pelican Bay" sample, I lost my fucking mind, and then later that SZA vocal run came out of nowhere and I started screaming like Tom and Jerry. I don't know how I can type out 50 different ways on how to say "This is ridiculous," but we're gonna find a way. Only 50 more to go!

50. DJ Shawny - Bombs Away (Throwback Cypher)

DJ Shawny is easily one of the most important producers in Philly's club scene, mostly due to his large contributions to the DOLLARBOYZ collective. I feel like he's someone hasn't gotten their much-deserved dues, because he's been at the top of his game for 8+ years. "Bombs Away" sounds hilarious because of those really fat horns, but my god does it go hard. The frantically Philly nature of it just makes the groove pulsate at such uncomfortable manner. The only way to get rid of that weird feeling is to dance like a Philly Goat probably, or make some weird ass fancam on Tiktok. Still, another hit from the legend. Also this comment kills me:

49. Von - Falsetto Pt2

Jersey City's Von is seriously an underrated gem in the Jersey Club scene, in my opinion, as the TTN member is always making some crazy shit. The main star of this tune "Falsetto Pt2" is easily that exaggerated 80s-style guitar that plays throughout, and with those wavy synths that accompany it, it has you looking like the dance emoji on your phone. Super smooth.

48. AyooLyve - Thats Not My Name


Lemme tell you, AyooLyve is an absolute all the time. One of Jersey's best producers at the moment has an undying love for sampling the most out-of-pocket shit, and this time, he decided to invite over that stupid ass song from the Ting Tings and make this biological weapon of a Jersey Club song. Hearing that chorus be accompanied by that forceful Lyve groove feels like a fever dream, as it has you saying "What in the fuck" the whole time. Inhumane.  

47. DJ Taj - FNF ( Let’s Go ) Jersey Club Mix


See? Not everything here is trying to kill you. DJ Taj is here to save you with this GloRilla remix, as this is just some good ol' Jersey Club music - No Bass Boost 5000 bullshit; No melody that sounds like it belongs on the 2012 soundtrack. Just no-frills club music that is made for everyone to go crazy to at any party. Having it being a remix to one of the hottest songs of the year does help as well. 

46. @rrodney_ x @ayowolfie - love gang (FloatingXV)

My stupid ass is drawing blanks on the actual sample used here, but tearing apart some cutesy Nintendo-JRPG-like music is something only wolfrum and rrodney could do to absolute perfection. Both producers have this precisely refined feel to their sound where nothing sounds too overbearing, but they're still beating the shit out of your speakers, plus anyone in a 150 foot radius. rrodney starts off crazy, but I feel like wolfie is the main attraction here - The bounce is just absurd and I can't stop moving to it even as I'm typing this shit out right now. A must-listen from one of the scariest duos in Jersey Club.

45. 2napps - lets boogie


I don't think there is a single second here that feels like anything is ever under control, and that's what I fucking love about this tune. Resident Jersey alien 2napps takes this really thin and withered-sounding melody and bombards it with these various waves of unstable chops that are so raw, abrupt tempo changes that stop you in your tracks, and undeniable grooviness that makes you forget this is coming from the underworld. Just another unorthodox banger from one of Jersey's best.

44. MGTECC x damnbandz x PURR.XD - DEAD LOCCS PT 2 

This Yus Gz remix will probably break either your headphones or speakers, and I really want you to try that right now. But seriously, this is a great tune, and the progression in this tune feels like you're trying a bunch of different hot sauces and they just get ridiculously hotter as you keep going. MGTECC's part is like that hot sauce that makes go "Damn that's hot" and you have to go take a few swigs of water, however damnbandz's part is the hot sauce that gets you sweating and you really gotta run to the freezer to get like ice cream because you're not drinking milk like a sicko. You are already suffering at this point, but then PURR finally comes in and has you jumping out of the damn window because your tongue got disintegrated and you'd rather break your legs at this point - I am unironically scared to play this in my car because I legitimately think that this can break the speakers lmao.

43. Tang - I Get High💨(Cant Fuckin breathe Cypher)


Tang is back here with another one to make you go fetch an oxygen tank, as this one literally revolves around someone saying "I can't fucking breathe," so I think he knows what he's doing here. Everything is constantly moving at a high rate with that Styles P/Freda Payne sample pulsating throughout, and you just can't keep up, despite the song being so short. Just another great song from this young producer. Also those last 15 seconds... good god.

42. Mg_Burto - Think Im Big Meech (huh)


I think this is like reason #648646835 why Miami's Mg_Burto is one of the most insane producers on planet Earth. Here, he takes the iconic Rick Ross song and turns it into this bassy explosion of chaotic goodness. The way he slices up those short voice clips from Ross is mindboggling and the tune altogether just leaves me stupefied, dumbfounded, and absolutely fucked up. Also, can't forget this:

41. B Goodie x Steez - Motivation(2)


Jersey's B Goodie and SteezTheProducer are probably the 2 best club producers out right now, as the talent between these two is off of any chart that has ever existed. Them collaborating feels like two superpowers clashing with each other, and it's always just pure perfection every time they lab. Here, a throwaway sequel to one of B Goodie's most popular songs, the two create a vibe that is almost brainwashing. The "Let's Keep Going" that echoes throughout describes it perfectly, as both producers don't ever slack off here. This could probably heat up an entire town alone.

40. Mg_Burto - Mr Gat


Alright y'all time to dust off those bingo cards, for the ones who had Johnny Gat from Saints Row as a sample choice, today is your lucky day, because Burto just demolishes this tune. With the directly chromatic nature of those chops and stutters, it really does feel like a mid-2010s club song, but the rawness of Burto's sound gives it that 2022 shine. Also that gritty sample that acts as the melody....damn.

39. KiaBHN - JERSEY 90's


Jersey's KiaBHN is best known for their astronomical hit "Jersey Anniversary," a tune that had set TikTok ablaze earlier in the year, but this collage of 90s music is an absolute heater coming from the producer. Hearing the iconic synths of "Candy Rain" clash with those exaggerated vocal runs of Color Me Badd is like a chocolate-and-peanut butter-type combination, where it's going to hit every single time, without fail. Nostalgic and stellar. Also, it's super cool to see KiaBHN become a member of the legendary Brick Bandits, only adding to the legacy of the Jersey legends.

38. JIDDY - Need You (Work It) 


"J EYE DOUBLE D WHY!" is probably one of my favorite producer tags, as Jersey's JIDDY is one of the premier producers in the state. They have a sound that is steering more towards the traditional side, but the way that his music is infinitely dancey is an absolute gift. Here, he takes that 1000 miles song and gives it that Jersey bounce with those "Work It" and "Dump It" samples, as even the piano that the lady was playing on in the music video is shaking that shit. One that you'll be playing over and over again.

37. qua - Ground.


I said earlier that qua is someone who is making a sound too unique to be called a "baby Haze/Steez," but here, he is taking straight inspiration from HaZe to create something that just not of this earth. The synths and melodies are being smothered by chops that barely sound coherent, and you're just there in disbelief wondering how is this possible. Like a lot of the tunes in this chaotically left-field style, the impressive parts are in the details, as qua is concocting so many different flows and patterns under all of the noisy mess. Sure I'm probably very biased, but the fact that style isn't revered already is some bullshit. Y'all need to catch up.

36. Steez - "Flow God" Cypher 


It was only a matter of time until you saw another Steez song on here, so don't act surprised! This is coming straight from hell, as those drums start revving from the moment you press play. Once this diabolical mess speeds up, it's like going constantly downhill on an incredibly fast rollercoaster - Your face is all flapping and shit and you're holding on for deal. Steez shows why he calls himself the Flow God here, as the sample use here is absolutely outrageous - He's got Eminem being attacked by gun clicks and bass distortion, punch and kick noises being used as percussion, and just an absurd amount of shit being thrown towards you. Also that last bit with the laughing almost made me faint the first time I heard it - true story.

35. DotMix's - Wyd Riley?


I found this mix on TikTok one day being used on a bunch of stupid shit, and I couldn't stop listening to it. Conericot's DotMix utilizes the Boondock's sampling "NAME IS RILEY" from LEAKTHEDJ and mashes it up with this really sad teenager wahhh wahhh ass song, but it's a perfect match, as it's just addicting as hell. Still, an absolutely hilarious song in concept.

34. rrodney_ - i'm back


Oh man, now we're REALLY getting into the good shit. While they had a relatively quiet start to the year, Jersey's rrodney_has really picked it up these last few months, as they've been on an incredible run. The tune that really kickstarted the return of rrodney's dominance is "i'm back," something that is so visceral, raw, and gritty and has you running through brick walls as soon as you press play. Everything is just incredibly over-embellished here, from the bass kicks that feel like severe concussions, to the Yeat-type bells that are coming from the Notre Dame cathedral, to just the overall panicky feeling that he is inducing from start. It just further proves that rrodney is someone you CANNOT sleep on.

33. RetroJ - Be like


"RetroJ You So Crazy..." The producer tag and I are always saying the same thing when I put on a RetroJ tune, because he seriously has one of the most unique sounds in Jersey Club. The South Jersey native really loves to rely on melodies that are incredibly barebones and uneasy-feeling, and "Be like" really shows that it is one of his greatest strengths. He takes the Missy Elliott part from this Keyshia Cole tune, and makes it sound like they are stalking you in an abandoned building in pitch black darkness. It's creepy, but there gets to a point where you aren't scared anymore because Retro has you at the palm of his hands with that hypnotizing groove he creates here. Just a super unique and minimal tune that showcases one of the best in Jersey.

32. Lilsnatched X JaytheMixer X Zgtheproducer X AyooLyve - There It Is


Fun billdifferen fact: I was around 4 or 5 at the time, but Tag Team's "Whoomp There It Is" was one of the first songs I was ever obsessed with, as I played my cousin's cassette of it to death, so I am very biased towards the song for starters. Regardless, the remix of it done by club giants LilSnatched, JayTheMixer, Zgtheproducer, and AyooLyve is just an absolute ride. The 1st 3 really throw you around on a swivel, destroying the original to end with their own unique styles, but it's AyooLyve's part that completes this whole thing, as he starts throwing in "Who Let The Dogs Out" and then some weird ominous emo guitars that caught me so off-guard the first time I heard it. Honestly, one of my favorite singular parts of the year.



One thing that I love about MCVERTT getting popular is all of the people who think he's called "PROJECT X" because of his tag. It never fails to make me laugh, however, Vertt never fails at making heat, as seen with this remix of some more TikTok teenager wah wah bullshit. He takes that somber song and transforms it into this kinetic mess of gun clicks, manipulated angelic voice samples, and enough bounce to part the Red Sea. Another masterclass of club music with one of the best doing it.

30. wolfrum - rain droplets


 Breathtaking is a descriptor that I feel is very hard to exhibit in Jersey Club, as most of the music just straight-to-the-point and in-your-face so that you can dance your heart away, however, wolfrum exceeds this challenge above and beyond with "rain droplets." Utilizing a deep cut from this random videogame soundtrack, wolfie takes the stagnant echoes of those pianos that feel like fog sitting on a body of water and makes this ambient, airy banger that feels like you're at a dance battle in the clouds. I really don't think anybody could have pulled this off other than wolfrum, as they really have perfected that ambient-style of club music that sounds like nothing else.

29. LilCanada_ x JayIsFed x TangTheProducer x Da.Waune x damnbandz - Martin MegaLab 


Another crazy ass megalab incoming... Here, we have LilCanada, JayIsFed, Tang, Da.waune, and damnbandz take a clip from Martin and bring it down to hell, while one of the strangest melodies I have heard all year bellows throughout this 5 minute goliath. It sounds a bomber plane coming towards you and it's just incredibly disorienting, as it plays almost the entire time. Everyone's part feels suffocating, as I get incredibly overwhelmed when I play this, but it shows how fucking weird this shit is getting.

28. LilCanada x JayIsFed - Wire


Alright for starters, we're just gonna say that this is a Chaka Khan flip before anything else, and let's just leave it at that. However, this collab between LilCanada and JayIsFed is a high-energy reimagining of the classic tune that had me just sitting in my chair in absolute disbelief the first time I heard it. It's seriously some "only in Jersey" type shit, as this feeling can only be made over there, but I feel like JayIsFed's part is the best thing about the tune, as it sounds like Chaka Khan is being transported to the upside-down, as she's falling down an eternal pit. Just so many ideas here that blow my mind.

27. Mvntana x Jdub - Misery Business (Jersey Club Remix


Now this feels like it's coming straight out of 2014 and acts like it's been living on Vine for that long, but this Paramore remix done by club veterans Mvntana and JDUB has not escaped my brain since I found it. JDUB starts off and chops up Haley Williams's voice to perfection, as the accompaniments here are not slapping you in the face like most songs and it's just there to get you moving, but then Mvntana comes in with this forcefield of bass as she sings her heart out over this old-school sounding club tune. It's quick, efficient, and does its job perfectly. Need more emo remixes, because this shit is just hilariously surreal.



One of the first things I said on this long ass list is that Jersey City natives Da.waune and JayTheMixer are a duo that you cannot ignore, and this ridiculous tune is the reason why. They take the iconic "My Name Is" from Mr. M&M the rapper, and turn it into a smooth and fast-paced remix that makes you feel like you just sat in a wind tunnel for a few hours. It's the way that these 2 chop up their samples that gives it that undeniable jittery and jangly feel - I'm just bopping my head to it like a fucking woodpecker. Can't really ignore the "Hi I'm Paul" sample that used to play after Jimmy Neutron all the time, like what a callback 🤣.

 Like I said, one of the best duos in Jersey, period.



More JayTheMixer insanity, and this time, he is accompanied by another agent of chaos, LilSnatched as they do one of the best sample flips I have seen all year, utilizing the 80's Go-Go's classic, "We Got The Beat." At times, the song almost feels like it's off-beat (which goes against the entire fucking song), but I think that's what gives it it's charm, as I feel like I'm on a train that is running off the tracks the entire time. Snatched comes in just spamming "BEAAAT" the entire time and I seriously exploded into nothing like a Looney Tunes character once she started speeding that shit up. Just an absolutely ridiculous tune that really has you concerned with what the fuck is going on in these people's heads.



Basing an entire song on the scene in Family Guy where Stewie beats the shit out of the dog for owing him money is something that would turn heads in any other genre, but in Jersey, it's just a normal day over there. Rahway's LEAKTHEDJ uses that sample to perfection, as "BIG GUN" feels like a boss battle, with those really dramatic choir voices lingering throughout the chaos of Shao Khan laughing, 50 Cent malfunctioning, and then Stewie just loudly asking "WHERES MY MONEY?" Yeah, it's something you can laugh your ass off to, but Leak does this so well, that it is nowhere even close to a joke. Again, what the fuck lmao.

23. JIDDY - Jersey Love


I studied math in college, so let's do some quick math real quick:

Zapp and Roger Computer Love + Jersey flair = Me falling out of my chair

I'm not showing no proof or anything like that, so just trust me and my credentials here. What JIDDY does to the classic seems so simple, but it's just so irresistibly damn good. Taking the talkbox crooning from Troutman and adding the nicotine-like Jersey bounce to it should be illegal, as I have wasted hours on end having this on repeat. Absurd genius.

22. SteezTheProducer X HaZe X 2napps -
All About The Benjamins Baby


 If you ever wanted to hear what goes on in Diddy's head, then this is the song for you. Here, we have Jersey's 3 horsemen of the apocalypse, Steez, HaZe, and 2napps, come together and create a flagship tune in this batshit insane style that you've seen a lot throughout this list, as this is pure absurdity from the start. With that overdrawn piano line being played throughout, Steez starts off and introduces Charlie Murphy all of a sudden into the mix on top of Diddy malfunctioning constantly, but the way HaZe takes those Rick James story clips and make them sound like Charlie's telling them from the negative 7th dimension is just 💀💀💀. This is 5 minutes of nauseating, pure innovation that makes me wonder "How the fuck can these people dance to this in a non-chaotic way???" Then, I realize this is New Jersey that we're talking about, so this chaos is just normal to them. All in all, these 3 are the most insane that they come in Jersey Club and this remix further proves that nobody else is taking those horses any time soon.

21. Burto x AyooLyve - Breaking Bad


"I AM THE DANGER." Good lord, they really brought Breaking Bad into this shit too, and of course, it had to be done by two of the biggest madmen in club music: Burto and AyooLyve. Walter White is just having a conniption fit over this really low piano line, which harmoniously serves as the backdrop for these producers losing their entire damn minds over these 2 and a half minutes. Burto comes in crazy, but Lyve really makes it his song by adding in "How Deep Is Your Love" for some random ass reason on top of one of the characters from CoD Zombies????? These dudes are just spinning a fucking wheel to sample some of this shit, you can't prove me otherwise. 

20. JayIsFed - unreleased mix


I don't care what anyone says - 10 minute mixes aren't cheating and still counts here. Mixes (like actual mixes, not the mashup kind) used to be a common occurrence in Jersey Club with a lot of producers, but nowadays it isn't as prevelant as it used to be. Luckily, a lot of these newer producers are trying to change that, as this mix of unreleased material from Jersey's JayIsFed is a great look into the future of this genre and how it's just getting weird. Jay is seriously one of the more underappreciated producers in Jersey right now because they really should be up there as one of the future flagbearers of this scene. Here, there's lot of ideas tossed around this mystically one-of-a-kind haze that feels like this is being transmitted to you through a otherworldly vision instead of the Ugly Orange Music Site. If I had to choose one highlight, it would be this throwback "Baby Come Through, You Deserve Rounds" remix at around 3:20, as it sounds like light glistening from an ornate chandelier, leaving you bewildered, and probably blinded as well. Overall, this is a wonderful glimpse into how this genre is changing into something we haven't seen before. Future baby....

19. RetroJ - Getting Sum


If you gave RetroJ some water, I'm pretty sure he could turn it into a bottle of apple Ciroc, because this man can perform miracles on literally anything. Like for example, he takes the goofiest-sounding saxophone sample I have ever heard and makes one of the funkiest club tunes of the year. The way he uses those really short and punchy vocal samples and pairs it with enough bass to start rattling your head just makes me stank face until my face goes inside out. The tune itself is so simple, but it's the way everything melds together in a weird way that makes me love this one.

18. rrodney - if you got a


You know how hard this shit has to be if I am putting a 54 second song in the top 20? rrodney over here just obliterates any listener with this Missy remix that honestly feels like a gritty sequel to "miss the rage," one of his most famous remixes from last year. Here, Missy is just revving up while rrodney boasts these kicks that has probably given me CTE at this point, because MY GOD. Just play this as loud as you can, piss off your boring ass roommates and neighbors, and have a good time.

17. 6gvdz -  Get Back Mega Lab


Megalabs might honestly be God's greatest gift to our existence. Get as many crazy producers as possible to get on a track, give them a sample, and you get 5+ minutes of some of the most insane music on Earth.  This time, we got the 6GvDz crew getting their 7 player all-star team ready to go ahead and try to do the craziest shit to this Pop Smoke vocal. What do you get here? Almost 6 minutes of just relentlessly high-energy club music - this shit just don't stop! The standouts here are easily Lil Canada chaotically coming in with those loudly thick-sounding synths and throwing in that damn whistle, Dre Cannon making me lose my mind with that "Coochie Drive You Crazy" sample, and TangTheProducer just smacking you upside the head with the most in-your-face part of the lab here, where he fits so much crazy ideas in just around 35 seconds. Mind boggling. 

16. $icko Music - CHAOS CYPHER


Now this shit....THIS SHIT!!!!! $icko is just a monster, and this song title is no false advertisement, as this shit just nothing but CHAOS. Beginning with a panic-stricken run down the stairs, the tune kicks off super fast and is invaded by samples of Woody from Toy Story, Dave Chappelle, and of course, copious amounts of gun clicks. But damn, what really makes this tune the giant that it is is that GOD DAMN SWITCH UP. As soon as you hear "Switch it up...," everything goes silent and you can a pin drop, and then that slow down emerges with some of the most disgusting bass you will hear on this list - OH MY FUCKING GOD 😨😨😨 Just goes to show how much of a force $icko Music is and how bad we need new music from him (Editors Note: HE JUST PUT SOMETHING OUT LETS GOOO). Let's hope he's back come 2023...

15. JayTheMixer - BERNIE MAC 🎤🎬(@kaotic4k)anthem


 "Boy, just be yourself" That describes JayTheMixer perfectly, as he's seriously one of the most unique sounding producers in club music. Here, he takes a scene by the iconic legend Bernie Mac from House Party III and makes something that is so uplifting and stressful at the same time. That choir loop being energized by those playful gun clicks and Bernie Mac going haywire sounds like nothing I've ever heard before. That last part where it picks up a little more and you got Bernie going "FUCK EM" just gets me so fucking hyped. Absolutely addicting from one of the best in Jersey.

14. Vivid The Producer - Elephant Man (Def Jam)


One of my favorite producers in Jersey is easily Newark's Vivid The Producer, as she has been one of the most consistent and dreamy sounding club artists of the last few years. This year, she dropped a whole bunch of singles and also a new album entitled HEALING that was one of the best Jersey releases of the year, but I feel like their shining moment of 2022 is this tune right here. Obviously stated in title, this song samples Elephant Man voice snippets from Def Jam FFNY, and Vivski uses that to create something that is incredibly majestic with that reserved piano melody shimmering over the dizzying noises of the dancehall legend, as they are short circuiting the entire time. This tune feels a lot more serious compared to most, because it's just so well-made and refined - A great exhibition of some of the best production chops in this entire scene.

13. wolfrum - love you better


God, this kid wolfrum really makes some of the most beautiful music that has ever been made in the genre. Sure, they're sampling some bullshit sadboy Tiktok piano cover music, but it's just the way they pair those timid bedroom sounds with the visceral punchiness of club music that is just outstanding. Like yeah, it absolutely hard as shit, but it's not down your neck and making you wipe the sweat off of your forehead. It's opulent and easy-going club music that you can drink a cup of morning coffee to, or like stare at the stars to or some other normal thing that a person on tumblr is dreaming about. But seriously, wolfie is one of the top producers that has me just EXCITED with how this genre is moving, and I can't wait to see what 2023 holds for the teenager.

12. qua x HaZe - machine gun funk


 Oh man, we're really approaching the home stretch, so this shit is about to get WEIRD. Case in point, this song from two of the strangest in Jersey: qua and HaZe. They take the iconic Biggie song and really manipulate that "Hardcore wit ya back to the back" line the only way they can, and that's by sending it to outer space and beyond. The song feels almost muffled, like you're hearing being played in another room, but it sounds just so damn futuristic and unlike anything else in the genre. It's a constantly mutating alien that keeps growing and growing, no matter how many times you're shooting at it, and it creeps and consumes you up by the end of the song. Man, HaZe's part is just so fucking strange - It's like he dropped a paper bag full of samples all over the song that feel like they don't belong whatsoever, but he just has to magic to make it work. I've been saying this for years - These people are on a whole ass other planet compared to us mere mortals...

11. LilC4 -  70s

Elizabeth's LilC4 is easily one of the most important club producers of this last decade. He's been at the top of his game since 2015, constantly putting out some of the best tunes in this genre's history. I still think "V4MP" is one of the greatest club tunes ever created. Even many years later, after millions of plays, LilC4 still hasn't slowed down a bit, and that can be easily seen by his incredibly stellar 2022, as seen earlier. Probably the biggest song for him this year is the Tiktok hit, "70s. " There's something so warm and fuzzy about this - it feels like it's coming from this some old timey radio and the world around you is in sepia-tone (it's called "70s" for a reason dumbass). Honestly, if "groove" had a picture in the dictionary, it would just be LilC4 hitting the running man, because he's a master at this shit 

10. LilSnatched x Hbkmark - Tek it


I really feel like LilSnatched is destined to be one of the next greats in club music, because her 2022 might best one of the best in the entire scene. She's made hit on hit on hit, and I feel like this was the BIG hit for her, plus fellow AnthemGxdz member Hbkmark, as this showcases the grip and influence that Snatched has on Tiktok. Of course, since this involves TikTok, you know they are already utilizing something from the cursed site, but this is seriously one of the best club songs of this year altogether. It feels almost celebratory in a way, like you are supposed to have confetti flying all around with the pop-punky high-pitched croons ringing throughout, but the Snatched-signature fast-paced nature of the remix blows all of that confetti away, as well as the skin on your face, because this is energetic club music that gets you running like Forrest Gump. Don't sleep on Mark's part though - That slowdown is probably the best part of the tune, as it feels like he's bending actual time itself. God, I love this shit. 10/10 tune for sure. Must-listen. 

9. Lyve x Steez x Burto x DJSuperiorJay x Haze x Qua x Snatched x LeakTheDJ - South Park 2 MegaLab


If you have seen me maniacally ramble about club music before, you already know damn well what this tune is. To the folks, you have never peeped this, I'm just going to let you go in blind. Just know, this is just 6 minutes of the best Jersey Club music you will hear this year, as it showcases the best in the whole god damn game: Lyve, Steez, Burto, SuperiorJay, HaZe, qua, Snatched, and LeakTheDJ. Just press play, say a prayer, and get ready to see why I love this shit so damn much.

8. MCVERTT - vice versa


I've been such a huge fan of MCVERTT ever since I heard "CHECK THE BOUNCE" back in 2019, where he was still such a young and newer producer, but no matter what the magic was always there and it's so great to see that magic be used to its full potential. Whenever I listen to something from him recently compared to something from BOUNCEWORLD, I always marvel at the growth that this kid has had over the years, because god damn, he's really starting to become one of the best producers in the entire history of the genre, especially for how groundbreaking his club beats have been for rap. With this One Acen remix, you see Vertt at his absolute best - Perfect gun clicks that drive the entire song, glitchy and staccato-y sample chops that establishes that hypnotizing vibe, and just raw confidence that has always been one of the producer's greatest strengths. There's a reason why he's got one of the biggest songs in the world right now, and that's just the beginning, because MCVERTT is destined to take over the entire universe at this point. 

7. Steez - "Na Mean" Cypher 


 If Vertt is taking over the universe, then that means that Steez has dibs on all of the other universes and the underworld, because Steezo is the ONE who is pushing this genre into the far beyond. I can't even explain how hard it was to find the one singular tune that would describe his year of dominance, but I felt like THIS one is the perfect showcase of Jersey producer, because MY FUCKING GOD. Just the way that it starts, with those inhuman yells being destroyed by these avant-garde horns drunkenly stumbling throughout this collage of noise, has me getting motion sickness just thinking about. There's not a single millisecond of this song where Steez lets off the gas, as he is just suffocating you to no end the entire time. It all builds up crazily to this random ass part where adds in the Jersey classic "Do The Boyden Dance," and then that "WE COULD BE HEROESSSS" song that you could probably only hear at Forever 21 nowadays comes in and then I just turn into this 

But seriously, this is one of the most insane things you can experience in the genre, and just shows how much a monster Steez is and will continue to be, as he is already one of the greatest ever to do it.

6. 2napps x qua - Wick 2


The way that this song has no intro and just gets straight to the insanity from the first second might be one of my favorite things about any song that you'll see on here. This is just another glimpse into the future of Jersey Club as 2napps and qua team up here to make one of the most frantic and unhinged club tunes ever fathomed. From the panickly disjointed pianos to the free-form, spacey synth lines, everything is just blasting in this song like a particle accelerator, destroying all of the exisiting matter around you, but it's those really abrupt slowdowns and tempo changes that make this tune what it is. It's like getting slapped into next Tuesday, or June 2014 - Just so all-of-sudden and stops you in your track, and then quickly throws you back into hell. Just god damn, I love this track so much. Like, this is what want people to really get into if they want to listen to club music. Don't send me a link to the Sticky music video either because I'll slap you through your computer screen - Go listen to Wick 2 instead.



I'm pretty sure the only normal thing about this tune is that it is the Megan Thee Stallion remix, and that's pretty much all I could think of there, because this shit is like getting vaporized into smithereens 75 times in a row. Of course, this noisy journey is led by PURR.XD, as all of his music sounds like he is grabbing you from another plane of existence, and there's not a single second where your hearing ISN'T getting destroyed, which is why I love this so much. Each producer's part gets increasingly more insane and louder, as damnbandz brings in these deranged screams and distorted bass, Fasa comes in and has a part that sounds like he unplugged his computer in the middle of making it, and then lastly, DayDay literally just makes noises ala Merzbow, because holy fucking shit what is going on there and why is it so hard. I've said it again and again, but you cannot find shit like this ANYWHERE ELSE. Hope I didn't give any of y'all tinnitus during any of this lmao.

4. qua - birthday unreleased mix 2022


One big theme around a lot of these songs showcased here has been futurism, and how there's a huge branch of club music today sounding years ahead of its time. If I had to show you just one thing from this year that would best show that out-of-this-world style, it would without-a-doubt be this unreleased mix from qua, as this easily has some of the most forward-thinking ideas that I have seen from anyone in this scene. This dude is really next up, and this mix just proves it, because I still can't wrap my head around some of this shit. Everything is slathered in this hazy veil of mysteriousness that makes it feel like an unknown asteroid that had crashed onto earth, and the way that these different ideas are mixed, I feel like I'm being granted glimpses into numerous realms and worlds that dumbfound me. 

The sample choices throughout these 10 minutes are just all over the place - You got 8 Mile, GTA III, Goku, Meatwad, and I even think Homer is being massacred in there too (No like seriously, peep that part at around 7:50 - Most insane part of the mix)? I don't know, man, this shit is just incredible and I recommend you to show this to anyone who has an interest in this shit, because this is music that actually sounds like it belongs in 2022. qua is THE ONE to watch in 2023, because this is only the beginning of his dominance.

3.  rrodney_ x mcvertt x tempgzz - make it jump 

OH MAN BEST OF THE BEST TIME. This is easily the best 3-man club song this year (okay it came out like Christmas last year - I don't give a shit), as Project X staples rrodney, MCVERTT, and TEMP get together to smash this ASAP Ferg anthem in the most Project X way possible - BOUNCE. Adding in those Kelly Rowland "Jump like this" stutters that jolt your entire body, you have music that has your entire county moving by command, as this is just fucking monstrous. Each producer's unique styles shine here, as it feels like a 3-man-sprint relay race where they are racing to slap you in the face with their craziness. While club giants rrodney and Vertt both have insane parts, I feel like TEMP takes the win here, as that section where it's stripped down to just Ferg's voice is absolutely nasty. This is just something you can put on at any party and everyone just loses their entire mind. Also, now people can finalize realize what "PROJECT PROJECT X X" really is and stop googling stupid shit like "WHO IS PROJECT X THE PRODUCER."

2. B Goodie - Shiz


You seriously cannot find a tune that is more groovy than this one - It's impossible. B Goodie has done it once again here with "Shiz," as this is the purest form of Jersey Club brainwashing I have ever seen because by the time you press play, you have already launched yourself out of the chair and started dancing for your life. The main dictating funky bassline here is met with a robotic Missy Elliot that's running out of batteries, as this combination is the glue for B Goodie's signature always-going vibe that melds this song altogether. I can constantly complain about the dude deleting tracks like badly-timed sports takes, but I really can't deny that he is one of Jersey's best right now. Especially with his surprise recent contribution to Philly's club rap scene, I'm really excited to see if Goodie will continue that trend, because I feel like, in terms of production chops, he is the next producer in line next to Vertt and RetroJ to really be a star in this shit. All we can do now is wait and see...

1. Steez x HaZe - "Scarface" Cypher



 I think if you have read this far, then 1, you are insane, and 2, you could've probably bet that I was going to have at least one of these two producers as my number one, and low and behold, I got both of these motherfuckers here. This Scarface-sampling, apocalyptic pit of hell is something only demons Steez and HaZe could conjure up, and I still can barely think of any words to describe this shit, because it is just THAT insane. From Steez chopping up 808s like a magician and turning Tony Montana into the coked-up monster that he was in the movie, to HaZe breaking the concept of Jersey Club altogether and summoning random cartoons like Kim Possible, Spongebob, and The Boondocks to make something that is just so alien and unlike anything i have ever seen before, you really do feel like you have experienced some type of psychosis where you are about to go get some cockroaches with a grenade launcher. It's just so far and beyond anything else in the genre, I just HAD to make it number 1. I seriously listen to this music practically every day, and THIS is just something that has me praising the Jersey gods for giving us this gift, because there isn't ANYTHING like this. God bless Jersey.

Well I'll be damned, you really made it to the end. I really hope you got to discover so many cool songs and producers from this incredible localized scene, as this is seriously one of the most interesting music developments in the entire world, in my opinion. 2022 has really been the greatest year in Jersey Club's short history, both in terms of mainstream appeal, as well as sheer innovation. With 2023 rolling around, I am just so excited to see what entails for a lot of these folks, and you know damn well I will be on here with the latest about this incredible genre of music. Be on the lookout for my other end of year lists coming soon, as those will be just as big and crazy as this one. Hope you enjoyed and always keep those ears curious.


Till next time...