da billdifferen roundup #2 - The Pushin P Meme is a CIA psyop

Actually following up on my word and doing more than 1 of these? - Insane. 


I think y'all know the drill now, so here's some stuff I've been treating my ears to this past week and a half. Here we go....


It is really hard to fathom that I first heard this dude over 2 years ago now, with Bible & A K. That seriously was like a "B.C. to A.D" type instance for me, because the moment I heard that now iconic, absurdly shrill cartoon voice from the Atlanta native, every single thing in my life had an entirely different meaning. That song alone caused me to find anything made by him, and from there, I surprisingly learned that he wasn't born with that beautiful voice. 645AR's previous "pre-squeak" work when most of his shit was being put on Trap Daily is arguably just as good as his current output. Clearly influenced by Carti, you can still see AR slowly evolve into the enigma that he is today. Since the distinct voice change, he has been as popular as ever, with stuff like 4 DA TRAP and RIDE 4 YOU. To an extent, I feel like he is unfairly seen as the type of artist where people listen to them solely to get a laugh out of the absurdity. I mean yeah, the shit is absolutely bizarre, but you have to at least sit down and appreciate how creative 645AR is. 

He's obviously incredibly talented; you can see that with his 4+ years of work. What's so fun about 645AR is that he is never afraid to change up and go into uncharted territories, and this new EP entitled Unorthodox does that trick. A collab project with SenseiATL, a long time collaborator of 645AR and arguably one of the best producers in hip hop right now, the two team up and make some of their best work, respectively. It starts off with "Kunta," where SenseiATL's absolutely suffocating beat is met with 645AR RAPPING IN HIS NORMAL VOICE GOD DAMMIT YES. The lower tone of AR's voice feels almost wrong at first, but it is such a nice change of pace. That opening tune reminds me a lot of their 2019 collab Knuck If You Buck - just unresolved tension and uneasiness in the sound that feels almost anxiety-inducing. I felt that the rest of this was going to be in that manner, and boy was I wrong.

For the 4 remaining tracks, I guess SenseiATL got a hold of Beats by the Pound, took them to the future world in Spongebob where everything is chrome, and learned how to make No Limit-type beats there, because what the fuck are these. The strange feeling "G Shock" has is incredible, with these futuristic sounding synth pads met with low ass horns that sound like they would be on a 70th Street Carlos record. There's some "Louisiana-ness" to the beats for sure, but as for 645AR, his voice leans a bit towards the "squeak" side in these songs compared the opener. There's only a slight "squeakiness" to his voice here though, as he's putting more focus into what he's saying and not just how he is saying it. It's great getting to hear 645AR and not have to read the lyrics in the description - just saves me a lil time! But overall, this is a great little project. If this is all what 645AR is giving us this year, I'd be a little heartbroken, since it's so short. But I doubt that this is the only thing we'll hear from him this year. Hope we get some random ass collabs too like that Babytron one that I have never seen a single person talk about. Also Yung Beef what the fuck this guy is all over the place lmao.

The homie Mano at No Bells did a really great little write-up on this project too that I highly recommend. Also it's probably like the best blog in music right now.

Bhad Bhabie and Bladee Should Legit Collab? 

Yes, I am not okay. No but for real, I was not aware of this song until like a few days ago, so it still counts - fuck you this is my blog. Everybody knows that lil white girl who was mean on Dr Phil from a few years ago going "CATCH ME OUTSIDE HOW BOUT DAT" or whatever - well she got famous off of all of that, sparking the Bhad Bhabie artist moniker. I heard a few songs throughout the years - like "Hi Bich" is a hard ass Lil Pump song - but why the hell would I go out and listen to her music (Also just found out she got a Lil Baby feature what the fuck man lmao). But I came across this mix that's up there of Bladee's "God" and this Bhad Bhabie/Lil Candy Paint song that I can guiltily say that I really like, and as for the mix itself, I can't stop listening to it (oh no?). No, but the only thought this gives me is that "Can you fucking imagine this girl on some ripsquad beats." Bhad Bhabie new DG member when? God I'm sounding like a teenager over here, but speaking of drains and gangs, god damn that new Bladee and Ecco song! 

Mechatok is seriously one the biggest unsung heroes in this DrainGang/SadBoys aural landscape, and their signature sound shines on this tune.  Feels almost like a Hannah Diamond tune, but if it was good. The new song is coupled with this absolutely breathtaking music video directed by Anton Tammi, the same director behind The Weeknd's "Blinding Lights" video, which is one of my all time faves. The constant flashing throughout the video, it really gives that simulated feeling of not knowing what the fuck people look like in the club. Ecco2k looks stunning here, and Bladee as always looks like the coolest JRPG character ever made. It's absolutely insane that I've been listening to Bladee for almost a decade now and I still barely know what the dude looks like - that's incredible to think about. But, can you imagine Bhad Bhabie on this shit? Ok no? I guess I'll stop now.

Psychedelic Funk is a Very Scary Concept


New Years resolutions aren't even real, but something I am really trying to change in 2022 is to listen to more mixes. Lord knows how many tracks I have missed out over the years due to either my ignorance or laziness! But, a scene that is unfathomably full of mixes is the monolith that is baile funk, where due to the various different sounds and styles across the country, it's like walking around with a plate at the fucking Golden Corral with the amount of variety you have. One area that, in itself, spawns numerous branches of variations is Rio De Janeiro, where there are so many beat types, I can't even count myself. One mix in particular that had floored me recently is one by scene veteran DJ WENDEL CZR entitled "SEQUENCIA PSICODÉLICA." Don't get your flower power headbands out though, because this mix isn't for the type of people who pay to look at people wiggle their fingers with those light-up gloves on. What this mix excels at is variety and ingenuity. Like I said earlier, there is an abundance of different beat types in funk music - awesome Brazilian journalist GG Albuqurque can show you that (I absolutely love this video). Throughout the 30 minutes, DJ WENDEL showcases how crazy funk sounds in 2022, where there isn't a millisecond wasted with showing how much atmosphere is oozing out of the favelas in Rio. That first track, that utilizes the Rugal beat, sounds like it's being recorded in pitch black darkness at 3 in the morning. With how stagnant the reverb sounds, it's almost spooky-sounding. These cool ideas are rampant throughout the mix. There's like a slight 20 seconds or so midway through that samples Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" and I was just so confused once I never heard it again. It's just the little things like that that make funk so incredible compelling to keep up to. If I had to choose a single part that I liked in the mix, it would be the segment that starts around the 13:30. That transition into that almost alarm-like synth with these tribal-like drums playing throughout is so awesome. I'll say it again and again, Brazil is a look into the future of music. Absolute insanity going on throughout the entire country over there. 

If you're in need of some more funk, one of Belo Horizonte's most recognizable voices MC Rick has you here with "Vou Botar Nocê," which has one of the hardest, yet most subtle BH beats I have heard in a while. It almost sounds like there's little minions that are humming throughout the beat. With that and the signature BH atmosphere, this is a very early contender for funk song of the year. Terrified to see what Belo Horizonte comes up with this year. For my fellow funkeiros who are in dire need of some more funk, be on the lookout soon, because your wish might be granted before you know it! 


The GOAT of Jersey Club is Back, Plus There is Too Much Damn Club Music Again

Y'all, when this showed up on my SC feed, I was so damn excited, I threw my headphones like Toto Wolff out of pure hype yelling LETS GOOOOOOOOO.

If you don't already know me, well let me introduce you to one of the best producers in the world right now making club music years ahead of it time, SteezTheProducer. Throughout the years, Steez's work has gotten better and stranger, where now, his signature sound has morphed into this textured, beautiful mess of noise that is advancing Jersey Club music at an astonishing pace. With last year's Don't Sleep, it seemed that he was getting loads better, and that's scary, because he's been exponentially getting better since around 2017/2018. With this new album to commemorate the new year, Steez lassos you and twirls you around at such a chaotically frantic pace, once the 20 minutes are over, you're so discombobulated, your nose is where your eyes are at and your eyes are on your knees now. Seriously, he just throws you around the whole time on some ACME cartoon shit. Every melody on this album feels like the part in Dark Souls where you have to cross the fog world to fight bosses (I suck ass at those games too much to know better) - the first 10-15 seconds of each song gives you so much anxious anticipation and once you cross that fog, you have to face the beast itself, and that's Steez's off-the-walls production. 
Seriously, the first 20 seconds of the album is just these thick dissonant chords that flood your ears until the Gleesh sample takes over. Throughout the album, Steez introduces so many ideas in each song; you will seriously be hearing things in these songs that you didn't hear the first time. For club music, the level of detail he puts into his songs is incredible. If that style really isn't your cup of tea, Steez has you with "Loveeee Song," a high energy remix of the Rihanna/Future collab that has TikTok written all over it. Some highlights for me is the song "Get My Gun" a song that makes the sample from the iconic Baltimore club classic sound almost unrecognizable - That, plus moments like that one sample that sounds like the Cowboy Bebop intro (around 0:35), the feint "LETS GO. LETS GO," and the aggression percussion throughout makes this one hard not to keep playing. The robotic voice in "He Right There" is so damn crazy; it feels like this was made in the 2030s. If I had to choose 2 more songs on here that you must listen to on here, I'd have to go with "Work It," a disorienting Missy Elliot remix that peaks with this weird lead synth that sounds like a guitar solo lick that is met with some of the most destructive bass I have heard in club music with these small little "Deadman walkin" samples that walk around my ears, and the closer "Ying Yang Twins," which has the iconic duo "HAAAA-ing" all around you throughout while Steez is trying to stop a nuclear reactor from exploding. He just sounds so damn futuristic, and I can't stop telling everyone! Saw a few days ago on IG that he was making Drill beats, which makes him the 3rd club producer, with rrodney and Mcvertt, I've seen do so. And quite honestly, those are probably the only 3 right now that I can see make that work. God damn I am so excited for Jersey this year, you got no idea (Or maybe you do, hell if I know).
Now I know damn well some of you are wondering if I got more club tunes for you, and honestly that's a dumb question to ask, because OF COURSE I GOT SOME MORE CLUB MUSIC FOR YOU. First, I have to show you what beat battles are like, because oh my god, this shit just gets me so hyped. So recently, resident club madman Burto decided to battle against club mainstay Lil Canada, and man, this one resulted in some crazy tunes. Keep in mind that most of this is out of good fun, and there's not any real bad blood between them. Canada's diss to Burto consists of Carti in No Sl33p repeating "When I go to sleep bout murder" that is later met with the instrumental for Drake's Forever, that is pretty insane to be honest. No offense to Canada though, as he's great, but good lord does Burto body him here. It starts off with this minute and a half skit of Burto traveling back in time to the distant past of New Jersey on January 1st, 2022, only to be put in the "Six World," a world inhabited by Canada and his 6GvDz compatriots. From there, Burto disses a bunch of the members before the beats drops and just kicks your ass. There's so much beat and melody changes throughout the remaining 90 seconds, it's like putting your ears on a swivel. We got the Jersey equivalent of T-Shirts and Buddens over here - Jesus Christ. Poor Lil Canada too, because he's been getting bodied with these disses for years now (Goat Club disses right there; Some Legendary shit). 

Some other noteworthy tunes I have to tell you about is this Burto and Da.waune remix of that Family Guy scene where Brian owes Stewie money, where again, Burto just snaps with the melody changes. Also Da.waune does this Call of Duty Zombies (there's more of these btw!) remix that is just insane, with Richtofen going "Boom you got no more head!" Incredibly high energy. Wolfie continues to be one of the smoothest producers in club music, and I don't think they plan on stopping that. We also got JayTheMixer, who put out a great little collection of tunes recently too - A great unique take on the club sound. Lastly, Jersey club music that samples footwork is some surreal ass shit - almost like splitting the atom - but what Ca1eb and Bandz do here is insane. You can never have too much club music!!!!

The Amapiano Balcony Mixes are a Drug

One of 2020's greatest discoveries for me was the great South African giant known as Amapiano. Seriously if you haven't heard it before, you need to change that as soon as possible, as this is quite possibly one of the best genres of music on earth right now. The deep-housey feel coupled with the uniquely signature bone-rattling bass tones makes amapiano just so irrestiable to listen to - you can't just stop. One of the best parts of amapiano is the now legendary Balcony Mix series that twin brother group Major League Djz has been keeping up since the beginning of 2020. Those mixes were the ones that I discovered during the pandemic that really catalyzed my interest into this whole scene. I always thought gqom was the peak of South African music, but it seems that Amapiano is just at that level, and can somehow surpass it at this point this year. But man, everything about these mixes are just so damn incredible. On top of the good ass music, you got immaculate (oh god I'm really gonna say it, huh) vibes! Everyone in every single video of theirs looks like they're having a great time, while you got any random Boiler Room video where the crowd looks like they just got out of the lobotomy clinic. It's incredible what effect live music footage can have, depending on just the crowd. That infectious feel from everyone in those videos just adds more to the fun of Amapiano. Like I said, these mixes are like a drug. Enough of me talking about this shit - have you seriously not listened to any amapiano yet??? Just go do it now dammit - you'll thank me later.

Okay, What The Fuck is Going on Here

I was seriously JUST almost done with this write-up and then I came across this shit this morning, and I just could not just leave this knowledge to myself. Not going to do a lot of talking here, because I'm still trying to fathom and digest all of this at the moment. So a few days ago, I came across this song from an account titled "BATMANE" that has only one song that is produced by one of the best on Soundcloud KRXXK, and oh my god this shit is hilarious, but so hard at the same time. That KRXXK beat is menacing, but it's BATMANE's voice that makes this tune. Can you imagine rich ass Bruce Wayne doing beat placements lmao.  (Saw someone said that this is SPOOKYLI, but can't confirm it myself). Around that same time, there's some more Batman-themed accounts like this Robin account that has a BATMANE diss and a Scarecrow one that has a song with The Joker. None of these words are real.

But you thought that was all? In the last two days, there have been so many "superhero" accounts that have put out music, it's hard to believe that it's a coincidence. First up, it seems that there's a collective called "YXUNG JUXXTIXE," which seems to be a group of young DC superheroes like Beast Boy (BEAXXT BXY XXHIT),  Aqualad (that's a thing?), Robin, and Super Boy. All of these songs are absolutely insane. They have this dark drill sound that reminds me of the JEWEL XXET era of Soundcloud.

Now on top of that, you got Marvel superheroes too. (Oh god what am I doing here talking about superhero shit - oh my god) Like above, we got this hilarious Hulk diss done by Wolverine somehow? I'm still scratching my head about all of this lmao. Now here, you got the whole crew: Spiderman over some KRXXK, Hulk doing the same dissing Iron Man, Venom saying that he's "Smoking on that Peter Parker", Green Goblin doing the same, Nightcrawler?, and everybody's favorite: Deadpool. (I hope no one reads my shit after this one!) No but seriously, this is a hilarious development on this dumbass website. You can see the various accounts arguing in the comments of a lot of these songs, and I can't stop laughing at that. I should be shut down after this one lmao.

Lastly, Lagniappe!!!

That first beat is honestly one of the coldest beats I have ever heard in my life good lord. One of my fave rappers in the UK.


DS4 was a bit of a letdown, but I am very sure that Kayo is the one in YSL who's next to put out a next level project. Probably the best member right now imo (need new Keed to reconsider)


I've been playing this Four50 tape a lot lately. The samples are, of course, baffling (that Evanescence one lmao), but seriously Four50 goes off on this one. Shawny isn't the only one shining in his circles.

I know they're different eras, but what Dani does to this Cherry Bomb cut makes me feel like I'm back on the school bus in high school listening to those Summer Camp mixes Tyler used to put out. Absolutely nostalgic.

I really don't know if Matty is really trying to release a song everyday just for the month, but I swear to god, if I see a new Matt Ox song on Feb. 1st, I will lose my shit. The Year of the Ox is here, and none of us are ready.

Tennessee's cap is probably one of the best artists on Soundcloud you probably don't know about. Here they rap over this Bone Thugs beat where the mixture of the stuttery beat and cap's voice feels demonic. Seriously someone you need to know about.

Out of everyone coming out of the Sigilkore wave in 2020, a personal fave of mine has always been slur, who has some of the most out-there material out of all of those artists. Here, we got this "Cockatoo Twins" mix that sounds like you took an Eccojams cassette and started pouring Benadryl on top of the deck. Intoxicating.


Now THIS is a collab that I would never ever cross my mind, but makes total sense. That voice cracking shit Lucas does is so funny. Meat Computer is still not real lmao. 


Thanks again for reading!

Till next time...