da billdifferen roundup #1 - a look into the craziest sounds on the internet

Y'all.....I couldn't even tell you how long it took me to come up with that horrible ass title 😭  


I listen to a lot of damn music. Always have. Probably always will. As a result, I am always on the search for new sounds. Back then, you had people sitting criss-cross-applesauce in record stores going through boxes of records, hoping they can strike gold, but nowadays, in the internet age, almost every single day feels like the gold rush. You just have such a vigorously constant stream of music coming from all parts of the world in almost every device around you nowadays. Because of that, you have loads of these new age crate diggers searching far and wide for the coolest music in the world. I guess I'd like to consider myself one of those. I love "digging through crates" on the internet. While a lot of the sites of my youth, like DatPiff, aren't as active as they used to be, I still have me my long-time saviors Soundcloud and YouTube to aid me in my eternal music hunt. Those two alone almost account for everything I've discovered in the last few years. When you throw away the use of the algorithm and let your curiosity guide you by clicking on whatever looks/sounds cool or strange, you usually come out of it in the end enjoying music so much more. That brings me here.

I'd like to start showcasing some of my finds on here, as I believe 1.) music is crazy and you should listen to more of it  2.) I am very forgetful and I always forget at the end of the year what I listened to  and 3.) you will think that a lot of this is cool 😁. I don't believe the future ones will be as large as this one, but be on the lookout, as I'll try to put these out at least biweekly, with the hopes of doing them weekly. But yeah, hope you enjoy and here we go!!


God Damn, What The Hell is Going on in Jersey (part 225)

If you know me, you're aware that I am constantly obsessed with Jersey Club. Apparently even Tone Glow knows because I'm "that one person that has complied a top-100 of the most obscure Jersey Club SoundCloud bootlegs." If that refers to somebody else, lemme know, because I want to have a talk with them! But seriously, what is happening in Jersey Club right now is so different and so damn good. Look at the track above "Wayans Bros.," a collaboration between SIX (YES SIX) of the craziest producers in the scene today - Haze, SteezTheProducer, Ca1eb, MG Burto, Vondtb, and qua. This shit is ridiculous. Jersey club songs usually don't have long lengths, but this 6 man chaotic venture is 6 and a half minutes long!!!! Accompanied throughout by this hazily overdriven piano loop that is sometimes coupled with these smokey and stagnant high pitched saw synths, this song is not the best for the types who actually look after their ear health, as this is mixed so fucking loud, you can barely tell what's going on during everyone's parts. And I fucking love that. You have to seriously listen with concentration to get what's going on. Once you get that focus, you figure out that all of these dudes are out of their damn mind. Through the thick smoke of the ear piercing gun clicks, house-shattering kicks, and loudly mixed melody loop, you have just absolutely insane sample chops in each of their own styles. I can't even tell you every single sample in this song, but there is an absurd amount. There's samples from the Friday movies, DMX's voice, and even 8 Mile - it's almost like a damn scavenger hunt trying to figure out some of these, for real. I think the only sample in this song that even correlates with the "Wayans Bros." title and Don't Be A Menace album art is the "Bitch Ass Motherfucker" that is said by Ashtray's grandma in the movie which is muttered a few times throughout the song. If anybody got better ears and can find something else, just let me know! The highlights of the song for me are Burto sampling the "fight back! fight back!" scene from that one VICE video and then Von playing these drill-style hi hats for almost his whole part. If you ever wanted to see how chaotic this shit can get, this is the song for you. 

That claustrophobically-mixed style of Jersey Club, that was originated by the likes of Steez and Haze, has been becoming quite regular as of late, as there have been so many artists putting out tunes in that style. For example, one of the crazier new ones in the scene has been qua, who has putting out tunes more insane than the last. Like, look at this song that samples the cartoon Avatar The Last Airbender - the melody is just so damn strange!! The way both qua and Burto manipulate the intro sequence of the show is absolutely baffling. There's always this slight millisecond of "What the fuck is this shit and why am I listening to it?" but once the groove and beat click, oh man, it's like a rewiring of your brain. Infinitely gratifying music. Who else could make music to dance battle to sampling Avatar? Of course only the robots over there in Jersey. Another one of qua's I recommend is Flava 2, as the way they use that Bell Biv DeVoe Poison sample is absolutely otherworldly. Jersey Club isn't just only "haha here's a funny recognizable sample with some drum pattern over it." There's an incredible amount of meticulousness and effort in terms of sound design, and this new generation is just elevating it to another level.

Since the holidays, there has been surprisingly a few notable releases. My fave has been a tape by Bxngz/2napps, one of the best when it comes to that hazy, mysteriously brutal style that I've been talking about. On the tape celebrating his birthday, Bxngz makes some of the craziest textures I have ever heard in club music. For example, look at something like "Fire Man", that combines this airy synth with this low end that sounds like it would belong on an ambient record. Take that and add some Weezy vocal sample and futuristic chops on top, and you got another reason why Jersey Club music is so incredible right now. Those same mammoth sounding textures can also be seen on tracks like the strange Moneybagg Yo flip "TIME TODAY" and even stranger track "Money." On that side of Jersey Club, another recent release is MG Burto's first effort of the year - a 8 track 13 minute EP entitled "Just Getting Started" that is just a bite-sized look into the unique in-your-face style of the Florida native. While a lot of his songs have this absurd humor to them, like for example this absolutely ridiculous use of a Family Guy scene in "intercourse with you", every single one of them go ridiculously hard. Seriously a producer to keep your eye on this year.

For folks that really aren't into that left-field style of Jersey Club, you're in great luck, because I got you too! For someone who notoriously deletes their music, I hope to god that popular Jersey producer B Goodie keeps this New Years EP up, because it is some of his best yet.  The standouts here are this out of this world flip of The Whispers - that at one point uses that old school Jersey club beep tone that triggers the "LETS FUCKING GOOOOO" part of my brain and this ridiculously fast tune "Beg For It" that starts the TRY TO STAY IN YOUR CHAIR CHALLENGE [IMPOSSIBLE] in whatever room you're in. On top of that, I highly recommend checking out AyooLyve's New Years release: Chapter 4: The Hated Tour, another stellar release in the genre. Lyve has such a forceful energy in his songs; it's insane. The big standout there is easily the Paramore flip "Still Into You" that sees Lyve collab with Jersey giant SteezTheProducer where both of them just tear that song apart. Also, in addition to everything else I said, Wolfie just put a crazy ass EP, showing why they're another producer to keep your eye on. Too much damn music, huh...

Just these releases alone were from the span of 2-3 weeks. Y'all are not even prepared for how much incredible music is going to be coming out of Jersey this year. Keep your eyes and ears ready!

Also, while on the topic of this type of music, big shout out to Zahsosaa, Dsturdy, and the Philly Goats for making a very very early contender for song of the year, with "Shake That Shit." (I know the song has been around since last year - I'm just marking the video as the start date to be annoying πŸ˜‚) Philly has always had love for the Jersey Club sound and has made it their own for over a decade now. That party-filled vibe Philly gives to their club music makes it so charismatic and a joy to listen to. Also, I love this video for "Philly Shake" with the older dude holding their kid in the back just hitting that shit!

What the Fuck is ROCK3T T3CHNO and Why Does It Make My Head Hurt

Now before you think I'm fucking with you here, this is all real! I was scrolling on Twitter a few days ago and came across this video and not even joking, I was just baffled. But regardless of how strange it all was, there was just something about it that kept me replaying it over and over again. The erratic video of Yung Di$3 moving around like a madman, accompanied by this drunken camera movement, is met by music the artist describes as "ROCK3T T3CHNO," a genre that they created.  The music sounds like probably what hip hop will sound like in the far future - this highly glitched and repetitive style that takes a song as a base, here being this, and just destroys it, making it sound like Yung Di$3 is a robot that's running out of batteries - the "got me 2 guns like akimbo lil hater" being repeated over and over again, but sounding different every second is insane. Especially with this being a 30 second Triller clip, this is absolutely mesmerizing and addicting. They're finally making music for this guy!  

No but seriously, this is some crazy and intriguing music. The way he takes like a 5-10 second clip and turns it into these surreal grating songs is pretty incredible. Di$3's sound itself isn't too far off from SoundCloud staples like "Kreayshawn's crazy younger cousin who does a lot of acid" Acid Souljah and even moreso New York native XHRIS2EAZY, who even has a song with the ROCK3T T3CHNO creator. Throw in a little pinch of the Tisakorean sillyness, and you got Yung Di$e, who is just an astronomically more unhinged and freeform version of those artists - absolutely insane music.  

Going through their Soundcloud, I was even more baffled with Yung Di$e, as they had full ass songs in that Rocket Techno style, and man.... I don't even know what to say. It's insane for starters. Look at "run them bands up," - This is like whenever an artist plays a song at a concert consecutive times, but you just smoked salvia out of a Dr. Pepper can and you are having a really scary time. Just the way Di$e restarts the songs over and over again going "REALLY REALLY RUN THE BANDS UP" really feels dizzying after a while. That same stuttery unhinged feeling is there on stuff like "Cuties on M3H" and "never gave up!!". He has a few projects on there, chock-full of weird shit, but his invention of ROCK3T T3CHNO is something to look out for. Trust me, I'm not here saying he's going to be a pioneer of the underground or that is the best shit on earth or anything like that, but this is seriously music that you have never ever heard before. Yung Di$e is just contacting us from the future. Hope to see more of this in the year, because I'm curious as hell.


Oh Cool, Vein's (Shit Sorrrryyy... "Vein.fm's") Back


(new album in march - let's fucking go) 

Oh Great.....Another jane remover alt????? (Also The Dubstep Artists Have Arrived in the Dariaverse)

Now this first part: I'm not entirely sure that this really small and weird Soundcloud account, titled wetchip sogchip, is run by jane remover, themself, but they for sure have something to do with it somehow. Trust me, I am not crazy enough to find this myself, as I saw someone in some discord talk about this account, but I was super fascinated by what was on there. It's followed by leroy, the Dariacore creator and another one of their alter egos. There's only 6 little tracks on here, and my god, they are all so strange. More than anything, it just gives me a shitpost/SoundClown vibe with how silly they all sound. The two that really stood out to me was "eminence wench," a broken and dejected version of Justin Bieber in "Sorry" that is hillariously met with some Flying Lotus-type beat from hell and later on the instrumental of that one Lil Tecca song, and "Se," a song which simple instrumental just gives me the hunch that this is jane. They're like the Waldo of fucking SoundCloud sometimes, I swear. 

Leroy, however, is the complete opposite as for the last year now, zeke's side creation has spawned the niche Soundcloud phenomenon Dariacore, which is a melting pot of electronic music genres that is being destroyed by internet poisoned children born in the 2000s. You have aspects of digicore, breakcore, internet memes, club music, songs from the 2000s, dubstep... you can go on for days with what influences all of this - Just whatever is nostalgic and fun to the person making the music. Every account is a different TV show or movie (MOTHERFUCKER THEY GOT ONE WITH THE BRAINPOP DUDES WITH THE ROBOT LIKE WHAT); It has gone global at this point, where there are accounts taking leroy's influence in places like Brazil, Italy, and Japan, giving Dariacore a broader definition by the day. But as time passed in this last year, the same thing has stood, and that is that leroy continues to be the one who pushes this shit. In their latest track "fuuuuck we were supposed to wear argyle," leroy is now bringing in influence from fucking hardstyle???? COME ON! It might be one of the best leroy tracks yet, which is saying a lot. What the year holds for this project, I have no idea what's going to happen. Daria only had 5 seasons, so it has to end somehow. It's just the "how" that terrifies me. All we can do is wait and see. 

Out of everyone else making Dariacore, I believe one of the best (there's a few!) up there with leroy is syzy2, the anime-girl-loving side account of Calfornia dubstep producer Syzy. That cheesy type of EDM has always fascinated me because those producers always have a great sense of making things sound BIG, and I believe that really benefits them as they have made some of the best tracks in this little scene's history, like "I WANNA BE A GIRL" and this absolutely insane edit of Clam Casino's "I'm God", both songs that define Dariacore greatly - dismantling a good sample, putting a disgusting ass snare on there, and making pure chaos. Now, Syzy has finally unleashed Dariacore onto their main account with this new track above, introducing this chaos now to people who just mainly listen to dubstep, which brings a whole new portal of destruction into the Daria world. Instead of Dariacore being mainly made by digicore-adjacent/influenced artists, you are now adding a bunch of EDM brained kids who are bound to try this stuff now too.  In this new one, Syzy shows their production chops, finally answering the question - "Damn, what does 200 bpm dubstep sound like?." I feel like they've opened a can of worms, because it has not even been a week, and I've already found 2 accounts ran by EDM producers, which... of course I have.....

First, we have SLOPPY !, the Star Fox-themed side account of this LA EDM producer named Slippy, and even though there's just one song here, you can already tell how the EDM influence benefits the Dariacore sound, as this just sounds absolutely insane. Taking "All of the Lights" and putting it on a rollercoaster, there's parts here that sounds like something leroy themself would come up with - especially that break around the 1:30 mark that is absolutely breathtaking. Another one that I discovered is the side account of Veer, another EDM-brained insane dubstep producer, where in veer2, they have given 3 attempts at the Dariacore concept, and each one has gotten crazier. With the Cars-themed "DONT TALK #fr", where they take that one Zedd song and go crazy(that Damn Daniel sample lmao), and in their brand new one, Veer shows how a dubstep producer's experience comes into play when making music that is similarly batshit crazy, here being Dariacore. While I have been quite burnt out on Dariacore, since I have to keep up that ridiculously large playlist, this EDM invasion of Dariacore is really something that I'm keeping my eye on this year. Imagine some bullshit like Marshmello making this  - lord, that would be horrible! But what holds for Dariacore this year is very unknown. Maybe we'll get a power electronics influenced Bob The Builder account or an account revolving around Blues Clues; all I know is that we'll probably get a lot of it! It'll probably be a crazy year 2 for the genre in 2022. Hopefully be on the lookout soon, as for the folks who are more interested in Dariacore will get some good stuff to get more acquainted with the niche internet genre.

Corridos Tumbados de Soundcloud?

Here, we got Virginia-based SoundCloud rapper CashBently and his latest take on Corridos Tumbados with the Christmas release Cash Corridos 2. With the rise of corridos tumbados in the last few years, due to stars like Natanael Cano and Junior H, it has only been a matter of time it had leaked into the world of Soundcloud, with Mexican artists taking influence. Since last summer CashBently has been giving his take on the genre, like the hit Te Vas, but I feel like this latest release is his most genuine and best attempt yet, as his voice is straight up fucking beautiful on here. On tracks like "Tu Cara" and "Como La Brisa", with the way his voice is mixed, Cash sounds like the sad cuh angel here to save you on a lonely night. On the more somber songs, he sounds absolutely cold and chilling. I know Soundcloud rap is more his thing, but for the love of god, we need more CashBently corridos! Shout out my Spanish homie djguapanese for showing me this. Been in my rotation for a bit. 

The Fuck is VampDrill?

Now I know for sure you have sat down lately and thought, "Man I wonder what Vamp Drill would sound like," and boy am I here to make all of y'all's day. Here we got DC/NY native Zodiax, an artist managed by the mystical Soundcloud star axxturel, with a take on this whole Vampdrill concept, and honestly I think he has something going on here. Since his first attempt back in November, it seems like the gist of this whole genre is that what if you took NY drill and gave it the Florida fast treatment, then after, throw it through the guttural depths of Sigilkore's wrath. As a result, you have an insane ass mix of popular drill songs that sound like they're being played on Satan's bluetooth speaker. The erratic glitches and tempo changes, empty and cold atmosphere, and fast tempo make this so replayable. Hope to see more of this throughout the year. 

Some Lagniappe

Here's some extra shit that I've found that I didn't want to leave out!!

Till next time!!!