billdifferen's 100 favorite jersey club songs of 2021

 man, y'all are already probably like:

2021 seriously feels like it has been the shortest and longest year ever. So much has happened. Some good. Mostly bad, but I think the saving grace for me this year was how much damn good music that was given to us. Even though every single publication and their mama are listing the same 30 albums/tracks/artists over and over again, the real ones know how much good shit we got over the year. 
The one big star of 2021 for ME has honestly been Jersey Club music. If you haven't heard any Jersey Club shit this year, you either don't know me good enough, live under a fucking rock, or you just not a good person (I didn't make the rules there). I feel like it is the most popular it has ever been, thanks to stuff like Tiktok, but at the same time, it is pushing its sound into territories it has never seen before, making it seriously one of the most interesting music scenes in the world right now. I did a piece earlier in the fall about Jersey Club, and to be quite honest, looking back, I really don't like what I did there. The shit is too long with a lot to read like War and Peace and all the embedded links are crazy because SoundCloud is a website that is powered by the buff-est hamster on a wheel you will ever see. I may be hard on myself, but my goodness, that is an intimidating thing to read. Regardless of the self-loathing like I'm Andy Milonakis, Jersey Club has produced too many damn good tracks this year. I really didn't know how I wanted to come across this whole incredible scene as an end-of-the-year type of thing, moreso, because I didn't want to leave any track or artist out. Like SERIOUSLY, I listened to a lot of Jersey Club this year. Like a concerning amount. But I think what made me not scared of doing this was seeing one of the best in game right now, Alphonse Pierre doing a top 100 RXK Nephew song list, which is seriously one of the best end of year lists I have ever read. The absolute dedication and drive they needed to even do that is pretty inspiring, I'm not gonna lie. He's truly on another level of billdifferen, something I, billdifferen themself, cannot even fathom.
So with that thought, I thought it would be best to show my love for Jersey by ranking my 100 favorite Jersey Club tunes of 2021. This shit really was like a year-long process. I had a big ass playlist of Jersey songs from the year that went up into the 300s (*stan voice* ahem stream 4NEM right now), so even at the start, I knew this shit was going to be a journey. But after much deliberation, many nights of me shittily sharp bouncing in my room, and copious amounts of caffeine, I finally have for y'all a ridiculous list of 100 of my favorite Jersey Club songs of 2021. 
It's time to get some WD-40 onto them joints of yours, because this one is going to be 100 straight tracks of just in-your-face insane club tunes, so here we go: 

Man here we already go with the bullshit. The synths here for real sound like something from  a footwork tune but you got the little Backyardigan kids singing their heart out until they get morphed into some weird ass robots. Ridiculous.

The little "TANG IT TANG IT TANG IT" over the chorus is so fucking good oh my god. Also this is the best Paramore album easily. Underrated ass album

Two of the GOATS of club music remixing Beenie Man. That's all you need to know.

this is so hard lmao

sadical is seriously a super underrated producer in the scene. The pitch shifting here is all over the place, but that's what makes the track so good. Feels like I'm walking in the club all fucked up, but I'm still having the time of my life. The part with the "BETTERRR OFFF" meshing in with the original synth line is absolutely genius. 

Jay is probably one of the hardest working dudes in Jersey right now. He put out a 50+ track 2 part album earlier in the year, plus just releasing shit all the time. Also saw in IG recently that he wants to put out a 100 track tape in the near future. Truly billdifferen. But the bounce in this song is otherworldly here. Try not to move here. I dare you. 

You are going to see a lot of this crazy ass in here. Burto is one of the more newer producers in the scene, but my god dude, he knows he's the fucking shit. Up there as producer of the year. Some of the most insane songs I've heard came from him, but you can see here where he sampled that weird ass white girl rapping. Just seriously, what the FUCK man lmao

KilSoSouth is another top tier producer in the scene, god damn this Maxwell flip feels like another dimension. That drastic tempo change to the original makes it feel like a whole different song. 
Absolutely no explanation needed. 

rrodney really is a top 3 Jersey producer right now. With samples, he's always the first one to get onto the new shit. The Tyler flip is here is absolutely insane, plus the Khia vocal chops in addition just makes any audio device catch on fire. 

Da.wuane (pronounced Duh-Juan) is one of the most underrated producers in Jersey. This mix here, using this random ass Tik Tok song with The Joker from the Dark Knight, just has something to it man. Big shout out to Lab Sisterz though. Seriously one of the best producer/dance groups in the whole scene. 

A club tune that samples some weird ass Tik Tok post punk, plus it got the JR sample. That's all you need lmao.
Wrestling samples will always get a pop out of me. Plus the goat Edge theme? Lfg. 
Finatic is easily one of the more aggressive producers, as you can see in this  Polo G flip. Getting close to distortion his whole ass part, but that's what makes him so good. Minecraftwolf's part almost feels like a ear pallete cleanser, there's so much difference in the sound to Finatic. Great regardless. 

In my opinion, the GOAT of all this shit right now. This tune here is so damn good, and I think you get a greater appreciation for it when you watch where the cover art comes from, as ezmoney.ty puts on an incredible battle performance to this song. 
LilC4 will always be an all-timer for his track V4MP, but still today, he keeps putting out stellar albums, like Global, Tasha Son, and Xenowrld, resulting in lots of great tracks. Out of everything, I think this one is one of the best tracks he's ever put out. 

ca1eb shows how crazy this Jersey shit can get, even though he's from Florida. Like everything here is just suffocating, but so hard at the same time. The Lauren Hill chops are insane!

Dude this H.E.R mix is just insane. Give respect to them Jersey mixers!!!! They're just as good as the producers. It's a whole different art in itself.

More Steez and man what the fuck, the "Dirty Dirty Dirty Dan" kills me every single time. This dude really thinks in a whole other plane of existence compared to us mere mortals. 

Now THIS is the type of shit that makes me question reality. Like who in their right fucking mind can even think of sampling the Bully videogame plus throwing it with some of the most avant-garde synths I've heard in Jersey. Seriously, qua and Jay are really two producers that you NEED to check out because all of their shit sounds as strange as this one. 

Now you don't ever have to wait for 22Gz to take 45 minutes to drop the beat lmao

Lab tunes usually result in some of the craziest sounds in club music and this is a perfect example. My god all of them lose their fucking mind here.  

I don't know why but that weird ass synth loop here goes so well with the actual sample and chord progression from the Sheff G (FREE HIM) song. That plus the use of the South Park sample is ridiculous.

I mean dude, it samples fucking Suavemente. What more do you want me to tell you!?

I'm not even gonna lie here. This shit made me laugh so fucking hard when I heard it for the first time because anytime I listen to John Legend, I just see Arthur Read's aardvark dumbass, but seriously this mix is from the 7th circle of Hell or something because what the FUCK. 

This Lucky Daye mix is fucking ridiculous lol
Fast Sean Paul music is always good, but Fast Sean Paul Jersey remix? I'm sweating at just the thought.
The Musiq Soulchild flip is unreal, and with that fast tempo, it's a damn firestorm.
JIDDY is another Jersey giant, and man this one sounds like some crazy ghetto tech shit from another dimension. The raw mixing here just adds to it.

minecraftwolf is seriously a producer you need to keep an eye on. A perfect look into the mind of club producer engrossed in the internet world. They made a whole ass remix to legend Pico(moreso because of FNF). But holy shit Knight! and Dynamite are super underrated producers, especially Dynamite because what the fuck are they on with all this lil futuristic synth bullshit, but it's DIFFERENT, and I love different. One of the hardest Jersey parts I've heard all year.

 That little synth line throughout is like an earworm dude. That coupled with the Future vocal chops is insane.

Any damn Jersey song that samples late 90s to early 00s movies gets an automatic listen from me and man is this one is ridiculous. That synth line throughout is so weird, and "GGGET EM"  section of rrodney's part is so hard.

The loop from the Herbo song is addicting but Canada here just puts that shit through hell and back. Infinitely dancey tune.
Who the fuck even comes up with this shit oh my god. It's all so damn WEIRD, but so so good. Plus all of the voice clips from Martin is brain melting. You got each producer one-upping each other throughout, even though they are already all fucking insane. Just what the hell dude lmao

MY GOD WHY THE WALKING DEAD THEME LMAOOO. But, Snatched is seriously an unreal producer. Then you got rrodney's crazy ass too??? Oh my god dude, the South Park "Kick the baby" sample makes me go feral like what the fuck rrodney is evil man lmao

South Jersey native RetroJ really has one of the most unique bounces in club music. You just gotta shake that shit every time one of his tunes are on.  This one here is pretty bare-bones texture-wise but that atmosphere adds to this crazy ass club tune. 

This is seriously one of the most insane flips I've heard this year. Man what the fuck. Goat MJ song though. This just shows the Michael needed more loud ass 808s in his songs. 

It is literally impossible for Steez to make a bad song. It's just not possible. The use of the iconic Juicy J "YEAH HOE" and just throwing it into some of the craziest textures that are in Jersey is otherworldy. 

Man, COD Zombies Jersey Club lmao nothing makes sense anymore. The "LOSER" sample put in there is so good. 

They really used that 6dogs(Big RIP) song and took it for a crazy ass ride. Insane.

ca1eb making Billy go "YOU AIN'T BAD YOU AIN'T NOTHIN" like some type of club MC is seriously one of the craziest sample uses in club music this year. On top of some ridiculous ass saw synth instrumental. 


Even if the song was just the first 20 seconds with just the "EA SPORTS IT'S IN THE GAME" sample, I would have still put it on here. Everything else Zah did here was just a bonus lmao.

Man, this one is insane and has such a unique vibe. Really does feel like the vibrant colors in the cover art. Both Wolfie and Rrodney snap on this one. That really distorted part around the 1st minute is some earth-shattering shit. 

The Nudy mix here feels like it was sent from heaven.
This shit sounds like it was made in space or some shit. Like Steez's studio has to be in some type of spaceship or something. Who the hell even comes up with these melodies.

The first time I heard this one, I was in my car, and I seriously thought I was gonna swerve that shit off the road, because what in the honest FUCK. The Krusty Krab Pizza sample towards the end is just so fucking ridiculous. Burto, please dude, we need to talk to see what the fuck is going on! lmao

Vertt has had a hell of year. A big part of the rise of Bandmanrill. Plus on top of that, making some of the best club tunes around. That original Rockwell song is so damn good and this new updated version is incredible. Virality is such a big thing in music nowadays, and he just gets that part of it, all on top of being one of the most charismatic people in the scene. Vertt is already a legend. 
Presented without context:

Oh my fucking god Snatched. The shit sounds like a video game, but the initial kicks she used here beat my whole ass, and the song just keeps getting crazier. Then the hard-ass slowdown followed by fucking Pumped Up Kicks....huh lmao 

God they're really out here making distorted ass Monogatari remixes. I was never the biggest anime person but that song is banger. But this remix???? Dude what the fuck lmao

A YN Jay mix? That's all I need to know, thank you very much. 

2napps is so damn underrated. I still can't figure out the original sample because I barely know what the hell they're but man, this remix here is absolutely insane. 

God, Gavin's music is seriously some of the weirdest in Jersey. Here, you got that one episode where Spongebob was hanging out with the Tattletale Strangler being sampled and that's the most normal thing in the damn song. You got bass kick patterns sounding like they were made for snares, plus these uncomfortable dissonant synth chords. What the fuck man lmao

B.Goodie is like always deleting shit off of their account, which I respect, but the ones he still has up make up for it, like with this Rick Ross flip. Seriously one of the big current influences in the scene today.

Man Billy back at it again in club songs. This one has him yelling the iconic "DESTROY US ALL" and Leak here just shows why he's one of the best producers in Jersey. Everything he makes always has this grandiose feel, with this tune having this choir section sounding like your about to face a Dark Souls boss.

Now this is the type of shit you want to put on to break either your speakers or your house if the speakers are strong enough. Just everything here is so damn loud. A must for anyone with a big sound system.

To be honest, this ranking might be a snub. This was one of the most popular club tunes of the year, thanks to its popularity on Tiktok, but man can rrodney make a damn hit. This is seriously a breathtaking remix of the 21st Century classic. The pace here is off the charts too, giving the beat such an addicting feel, hence why it's been such a hit on the Tok all year.

These guys really all sat down an was like "Yeah man the Avengers theme goes hard let's make one of the craziest songs ever made" like man what in the HELL πŸ˜‚ 2napps's part is some demon shit; what in the world. 

ANOTHER MEGALAB TRACK and GOD W H A T. These big posse club tracks are always great because these guys are seriously all trying to one-up each other and the track gets crazier and crazier. Most club tracks nowadays are barely even 2 minutes, but this one is a whole ass 4 and a half minutes. And lemme tell you, it is worth every single second. Sadiical's part is stuff of legend oh my god.

Again Burto, what is wrong with you man πŸ˜‚ First off, sampling the Jaden Smith Karate Kid movie is already enough, but then the instrumental already sounds like it was made in hell, but then you just have to randomly throw in Keshia Cole for no damn reason? Nothing about this song makes sense and that's why I love it so much. 

More Burto madness and man what in the hell πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚  He's over here sampling some random ass South Park episode and showing you why he's the most ridiculous producer in Jersey Club. That slowdown part with "Kick Haze Ass" is just unreal. Man is from another dimension.

All I have to say about this one is:
The description Wolfie put in this song never fails to make me laugh, but my god jokes aside, this song that samples the infamous "METRO BOOMIN MAKE IT BOOMMM" tag is incredible.
Haze is probably the strangest and most ingenious producer out of everyone right now, and Vivid isn't that far off either. Their collab track is seriously some of the craziest shit I have heard. The playful keyboard loop has to face a barrage of loudly weird samples, like Homer choking Bart, Miley Cyrus's Party in the USA, and a foghorn-like voice sample. Both do their part to blow your mind.
This synth loop 😡 KHA and Steez here make such a ridiculously intoxicating track that just keeps getting more wild as you listen to it. Steez caps the song off with some of the craziest chops I have ever heard in my life. 

Oh my sweet christ, Steez really went out there and sampled El Tigre, such an underrated Nick show, and throws it around Calvin Harris How Deep Is Your Love, while making all sound dizzying and disorienting. Like dude what the FUCK. I will keep saying it, Steez is one of the best producers on EARTH; Screw just Jersey Club.

I think if you have gotten this far, you now have a grasp with how weird Jay is, but man what the fuck πŸ˜‚ The "Abusadora" vocal sample is demonic coupled with the earth-shattering kicks and ominous synth line. 
Looking at his YouTube channel, Steez seems to be a huge Sosa fan. Like he was on there at 13 doing Chief Keef beat tutorials on FL Studio; how adorable, but now 6 years later, his love for Sosa is even greater where he makes one of the most insane flips of a Keef song I have ever heard. The tempo here is ludicrous. 

A fucking Yeat remix?????? Just going to let this image do the talking 
Regardless, need a rrodney x rodneyy  collab so bad in 2022. It's fate...

Don't know how I will know that babysantana is 14 without them being on this remix of their song, but my god, KASH just simply does not miss. This is such an energetic remix of the hugely popular song from this year. 

Back in Blood is seriously one of this year's defining songs. This incredible remix here by these Jersey giants do that song justice, with rrodney making the speakers in your car pop out the vehicle, Vertt doing some shit that would an Irish step dancer jig for their life, and then Jern going completely left-field compared to other 2 and just loses his fucking mind. One of my favorite music moments from the year.

The Elephant Man sample here is absolutely absurd, but what takes the cake in this Jay song is the FUCKING PLAYSTATION 2 SAMPLE OH MY GOD. That's just one of them moments that make you fall out your chair. Probably one of my favorite samples of the year.

This mix here is insane, combining the Retro J banger with the legendary JR sample (that you will see the origin of in a bit). What does this song justice is the mixer Mariah performing this at a battle, where they have one of the most memorable performances ever. 
Also this comment kills me lmao


Man this one is just intense. It sounds like Vivid and Haze are drilling a hole through your house, and there's just nothing you can do about it. The textures here are just so abrasive, which makes the tune so damn. Haze just invites nothing but chaos any time he's on song, and as you can see, Vivid is always ready.

More weird San Andreas shit. A relatively new producer, Jaayybandzz (now known as bbabyreaper) is seriously one to look out for doing this unique style of club music.  He seriously shines on here, but then resident madman Burto shows how it's done. That little part around 1:25 is some of the craziest stuff I have heard this year.  

Honestly that video of the kid breaking the table with about 600 pounds of bricks is so funny. Their reaction never fails to make me laugh, but this remix. Good lord. Burto starts off doing his wild usual stuff, and then Bumpin matches that same energy. The transition into the RealestK song is mind boggling. Jersey Club is the craziest thing on Earth, I swear.  

AyooLyve has always been one of the best mixers in Jersey Club, but his transition into a producer has been one of my favorite developments in the scene this year. The bounce and feel to his songs are so unique, and he's only been getting better. Here, you got Cartman yelling "WHAT DID I TELL YOU KYLE" over something so visceral and fast paced. Lyve's insane performance of this song during a battle shows how his dancing style influences his music. Just in-your-face. The energy is off the charts.   

Okay, with these last few,  we're getting into the best of the best. I will say it again and again: The JR sample is one of the greatest things in music. I don't know how a bunch of Jim Ross voice clips from a WWE video game sparked a whole bunch of club songs, but it is something truly beautiful. What MCVERTT does here is just otherworldly, taking that legendary sample and adding it to Jesus Walks. The RJRJRJ JR RJRJRJRJ JR part is so next level. Also that, cover art kills me lmao.  
You are probably looking at this one and are questioning your sanity, but what Wolfie, rrodney, and vondtb do is incredible. The little piano loop is so delicate and nice, while you have these club producer taking the little vocaloid-like rapper from the popular flash game and turning him into a club star. This seriously feels like final boss music to that little game. The rrodney part is when all hell breaks loose. Such a good song.

 Dude what the hell 😨 This is such a surreal song sampling the legendary Wayans Brothers classic. Shows how much of an influence Steez and Haze have on these newer producers. But that doesn't damper how incredibly talented and genius ca1eb and JayIsFed are. Absurd tune.
Steez with another just instant classic. LIKE THE HARDY BOYZ THEME COME ON MAN!!!! That's all the words I got for this one. Shit makes me feel like
Now this one.... 😬 ca1eb sets off the pace going crazy, and then Haze just comes in and does his usual thing of breaking your brain. The vocal chops in his part are seriously not human. Just what in the hell goes on in that dude's head.  

This BBNG flip is absolutely breathtaking. Snatched here made one of the bounciest tunes I have heard all year. Just everything about this makes you want to dance. That "GETEM GETEM GETEM" part is just infectious.  


Man, this Outkast flip is magical. 2napps needs more respect as one of the top producers in Jersey right now. This is just mystifying the entire time.

The energy this song exudes......JESUS CHRIST. It seriously blindsides you. Haze sets it off with his usual genius, but man, Keem just runs away with it. The little part with him putting it into reverse is so fucking ridiculous. A minute, fifty of just pure unbridled insanity.

This Crystal Waters classic shows the legacy of Jersey and their long-standing reputation as one of the best club regions on Earth. But what Bumpin and AD do on here just shows how that still stands, as producers nowadays are pushing the Jersey sound into the future and far beyond. Just chaotic genius here.

This right here is a masterpiece of a club tune. Jersey's energetic vibe gives this classic a whole new coat of paint. Keyshia Cole's voice is seriously one of the most beautiful things on Earth. That being paired with Jax from Mortal Kombat in your face going "GOTCHA" and Future's whispered "PUSH IT" is just magical. That second half really starts picking up as Kil just goes crazy.  

This is another time in my Jersey journey this year where I just completely questioned reality and my sanity. These guys really sampled Despicable Me πŸ’€  That partnered with thumping bass forceful enough to cause earthquakes, short spurts of the most random samples, like Sosa going "The beat go off?",  and THE FACT THAT THEY SAMPLED THE FUCKING MOVIE WITH THE MINIONS makes this one of my favorite tunes this year.

Haze, 2napps, and Steez being on the same song sounds like the scariest thing on Earth, and god, do they deliver on this collab track. The instrumental loop sounds like you're on your last bar of health in a video game. On top of that, you have the most insane producers just losing their absolute shit here. There's so many things in here that hurt my brain: The Backyardigans, something that kind of sounds like Hank Hill, and the damn laughing in Haze's part. This makes me want to high kick all the trees in my backyard like Cejudo in that cover art. 

Burto..... 😳😳😳😳😳  Fight Song is seriously one of the funniest songs ever created. Like something you would hear in a Metamucil commercial. But, here you have Burto going and turning it into something you would hear in a club down in hell. What in the good sweet lord compelled him to do this. Dude is seriously a genius. The Thuggish Ruggish Bone voice sample just elevates this to another level.

Oh man. Now this one is a juggernaut of a tune. Two of the best in the game just going off and feeding off of each other's forceful energies. The JT flip is immaculate, and the way both rrodney and Steez's sounds here meld together so well. Smoother than butter.  

It's crazy how I've talked about 95 tracks already, and I have only mentioned Bandmanrill once. He is seriously one of the breakthrough artists of the year in all of hip hop. This MCVERTT and rrodney collab turned into one of Rill's best songs in I Am Newark . Off a hell of an EP 18, Vertt and rrodney take that one song you heard of but don't know who it's by and put it through the wringer. Vertt's unique playfulness paired with rrodney's brute strength makes this one of the best club songs of the year. Hopefully, we see more hip hop ventures for these two in 2022, because if there is anyone who can cross over that gap, it would be these 2 geniuses.  

Trippie Redd's Miss the Rage is one of the most monumental songs (either good or bad - that's your opinion) in recent memory, and rrodney takes that song and brings it to another legendary level. I couldn't think of any words, because my good friend Kieran Press-Reynolds took all the words out of my mouth about this one, so go read their words and not mine! Great substack with a great list of songs from the year.

Literally every single millisecond of this song is not real. Leak starts off with the iconic Kane entrance theme, with those buttrocky guitars, and then seconds later, begins one of the greatest sample uses I have heard in my life. The GODDAMN JR SAMPLE. This has been stuck in my head for a good 9 months now, and I don't think it'll ever get out of my head. My girlfriend who doesn't even listen to a second of club music will be randomly saying JR sometimes. It's that infectious.  Just everything about this is incredibly legendary. The final transition into the Undertaker theme is just the cherry on top. Really wish I could go back in time to make Vince McMahon force Kane and Undertaker to have this song as the Brothers of Destruction theme instead of the Limp Bizkit cut.

In my opinion, Steez's best tune from this year, and that says a lot, because you can seriously choose any song from his SoundCloud and it's one of the best songs you will ever hear. This one is just a ride. The Alessia Cara sample here makes it sound like she's trapped inside some type of evil prism. The hazily suffocating synths that play throughout are dizzying. The "Backatit Bounce" part is just ear melting. There's just so much Steez fits in these 2 minutes. I'm just sitting here listening to it like this

When this came out, I was at my girl's family house visiting for the first time in a while. I had a notification on my phone telling me that this came, and you know what I did.... I fucking ran to the bathroom with some random earbuds, because I just couldn't resisting waiting to hear it. I don't think there's been music like that in so long, where I will just stop what I'm doing and go experience that before anything. And man, what the FUCK.
Having a track called 8 Mile sampling some Eminem is already enough, but literally taking the scene where Cheddar Bob is yelling and shoots himself in leg is just...... 


Also I haven't even touched the fact that all 3 of the craziest Jersey producers are all on the same song! I think this is their 1st time altogether on a song, and man do they deliver. Burto's part towards the end taking the battle scene where Eminem is like "EVERYBODY FROM THE 313" is just genius.  There's no such thing as the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse, because the correct number is 3, and it's these crazies. Club music seriously is one of the best things on earth.

Well if you made towards the end, you are just as much as a psycho as me. But you got that billdifferen mentality. Hope you can now realize how incredibly insane Jersey Club music truly is. Keep on the lookout for 2022, because I think this year has not yet showed the true potential of these virtuosos. 

 Jersey Club 4 Life 



Here's a Soundcloud playlist of all 100 songs for your convenience. 


Till next time...